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How Do You Host Blogs With GoogieHost Free Web Hosting

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Do you want to Host Blogs With GoogieHost free web hosting? if YES! then you are land on the right web page. There are many reasons why you would want to create a free blog. Some people create a personal blog as a portfolio while others use blogs as a source of income.


With GoogieHost’s free hosting service creation and setting up a blog becomes quite easy. Our web control panel comes equipped with an inbuilt CMS (Content Management System) installer called Softaculous.

Softaculous is a really famous tool. With it, installing blogging software like WordPress, Open Blog, Dotclear, Serendipity, etc. becomes an easy breeze. In fact, you are not even required to create “MySQL database” to setup the blog.

Yes, Softaculous is capable of doing everything on its own and we make sure to employ the best.

How to Install WordPress on Free web hosting

So if you want to Host Blogs With GoogieHost then Let us understand how Softaculous is used? and how to install WordPress into it. I have chosen WordPress here because it is a widely used blogging script that has become a lot famous lately. 👇

  1. Login to your cPanel
  2. Under software section, click on Softaculous Apps Installer

3. On the left, click on blogs sub-menu and choose the script of your choice, in this case I am going to choose WordPress

4. Now click on the install option from the script menu

5. Next you will be presented with a detailed form. Fill in all the details correctly. Choose a secure password that no one can guess, of course you can change this later.

6. Lastly, click on the install button at the very bottom of the page. Now Softaculous will start to install WordPress (in my case), create a database and a database user on the webserver.

After a few seconds, you will be greeted with “Congratulations, the software was installed successfully”

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The great thing about Softaculous is that not only it allows webmasters to install new scripts but also to take the backup of the installed script (with website data), restore a backup and delete an installed script and what not. You are set to sail now.

Congrats! your newly created blog is ready.

Host Blogs With GoogieHost: Conclusion

I hope you like this small tutorial for how do you host your blog or website without paying any single penny from your pocket. if you like this please do it share and you have any doubt please ask with us, our hosting experts will solve your queries as soon as possible.

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