Host1Plus Review: VPS Benchmark performance test

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Every webmaster in the world wants a reliable web host. Without a good web host, we just cannot run a website.

Imagine you created a website on a very profitable niche and after 6 month of hard work, you are finally starting to get traffic from search engines. Then after some time, on a very special day, you received 1K visitor in just one hour but right after that moment, your web host suspended your account because of some fishy reason.

Do not live in a delusion that you are safe, it happens in the hosting world all the time. Many webmasters get fooled by the attractive offers of cheap hosting providers and later regret their decision.

However, with careful approach you can find great hosting providers who offer superior service at lowest prices. One such hosting provider is Host1Plus. This company has a really great reputation in the web hosting market and has a long list of happy clients.

Affordable Web Hosting Plans:

Host1Plus’ shared hosting plans start from just $3 per month. The provider offers unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth with its starter pack, which is really surprising.

The shared hosting plans go as high as $9 per month for which everything is unlimited.

Host1Plus Shared Hosting

Free Application Installer:

With the rise of content management systems, platforms like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal have become highly popular. Host1Plus offers a free tool using which you will be able to install from a list of more than 100 CMS scripts.

Reliable Servers

The servers that Host1Plus uses are connected with a 1 Gbps backbone and offer lightening fast upload speeds. More than 99.9 per cent up time is one of the guarantees of this hosting provider.

VPS Features

Webmasters also get a great panel to manage their backups. Host1Plus’ servers are distributed all round the world because of which you can host your website near the location of your target audience.

Flexible VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is always considered as better than the normal shared hosting services. You get a reserved server space and a reserved processing power on the server. Because of this the reliability of your server is enhanced to a much higher level. The other websites hosted on the same physical server will not affect the performance of your website as you will get your own personal virtual server.

We performed advance benchmark test to check server configuration of our VPS with Host1Plus so that we can give you better insight of their services


I am pretty sure that you will be amazed by the number and variety of VPS plans that Host1Plus offers. No other hosting provider in the world offers VPS hosting as cheap as $2 per month. Its VPS servers are located in the following places:

  1. Los Angeles
  2. Chicago
  3. Sao Paulo
  4. Frankfurt
  5. Johannesburg

Flexibility is another reason why you should opt for a VPS server instead of a shared one. When your website starts receiving traffic or becomes too heavy for your current virtual resources to handle, you can upgrade the system by just a few clicks.

Affiliate Plans

Host1Plus believes in sharing happiness. You can sign up for its affiliate plans and earn whenever someone signs up for a hosting plan through your link. There are three levels/tiers of Host1Plus’ affiliate program. There is no limit on how much money you can earn.

You can start your own hosting business by purchasing Host1Plus’ reseller hosting plan.

Discounts And Other Offers

You can get up to 15% (in case of share dhosting) and 11% (in case of VPS) discount by simply going for longer billing cycles. Host1Plus also keeps running different discount offers. For eg- these days you can get 40% off on all shared web hosting plans by just entering this promo code- 40OFFWEB.

So, what are you waiting for? Host1Plus is the best hosting provider you can opt for if the budget is low.

Host1Plus Review
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If you are an enterprise client looking for advanced/premium-level hosting on a tight budget, look no further than Host1Plus. The company offers some excellent options at very low prices.

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