HOST-ED Free Web Hosting Review

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You might have seen a lot of reviews of free web hosting providers in recently. This is because we are running a series of reviews these days, to help webmasters find the best web hosting service. And adding another review today we are discussing free web hosting of One very special thing about this host is that all its servers run on green energy, so indirectly you will be supporting and using clean energy without making a burden on the natural surroundings. has won many awards for its quality service, but you might be wondering is it really worth? So let’s find it out.

Domains and Sub-Domains

If you plan to host multiple sites or create multiple sub-domain sites, then you will certainly want to know what this host has to offer you. Well, if you are planning to host top level domains then you are considering the right host. allows up to 3 top-level domains and 1 sub-domain to be hosted on a single account. Aspirers of multiple sub-domains might not be that lucky but the 3 top-level domain hosting feature is something that many other hosts don’t offer.

Disk Space and Bandwidth Transfer

In this aspect also, Host-Ed leaves behind many popular free web hosting providers. It offers 1GB of disk space and 10GB monthly bandwidth transfer. Many hosts don’t allow more than 250MB of disk space and 1 GB of monthly bandwidth transfer.

With this much space and bandwidth you can have a good website and will be able to easily make it to the end of the month (if you don’t have too many visitors).

Scripts, CMS and Databases

After domain, disk space and bandwidth transfer the next thing to consider is the power that the server gives to you. You can host many databases but without reaching the 10MB limit. If you are not planning to host a blog then this much space is more than enough for you. gives its users a dozen of scripts and CMS to choose from. You can install any script according to your need with the one click installer.

Control Panel

When I first read that Host-Ed provides its users cPanel to manage websites, I really couldn’t believe it. So I went on to do a research and I found that some features are limited in the free service and if you want to enjoy all the features then you will have to pay. However, the panel is really great; it is fast, secure and very easy to use.

Customer Service

This is the only one area where lacks behind. Free users don’t get any kind of support and without support managing websites can be a tough task. If you face any issue you can only lodge a ticket and wait for a guy at their center to reply.

The Gist

Doing the background research I found everything great except the customer service. The disk space and bandwidth transfer limit is really appreciable. You get all the required tools to create a nice looking professional website.

However, you might get frequent server downtimes if you are to use heavy scripts as only 2% of cpu usage is allowed to a single account.

HOST-ED Free Web Hosting Review
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The control panel is great, the advanced features are great, the support is fantastic but best of all the site can scale up and we don’t have to lift a finger – I would definitely (and often do) recommend and their servers – stable and super fast.

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