What happen when you try someone else SEO Strategies

SEO Strategies

SEO Strategies Everyone want to get viral traffic using various SEO Strategies and most of us has own strategy to promote our content. Basically newbies always trying to find working search engine optimization tweaks from other blogs or websites but trust me most of them not sharing their secret of  huge traffic at all, think about it even you wouldn’t share idea to earn money with google ads would you ?

I am not saying they are sharing false information on the internet but I am saying they aren’t sharing everything, you have to be bit tricky to get the idea and build your own content marketing strategy. Today am going to share my own experience about the result of following footprints of our co0mpetitors….

My Experience:

Few days back I was looking for new ideas to boost up Search Engine Visibility on blogs, forum and YouTube as well, I got various suggestions and idea. I found a video tutorial on YouTube about configuration  of Yoast SEO plugin  settings tweaks to improve on page SEO, that video was professionally edited with Good ratings and views. After 1 week I loose 90% of my organic traffic coming from various search engines here is screenshot

Organic Traffic Web Master Tool

As you can see I am loosing my potential customers just because of following someone else’s SEO settings without doing proper research about the options I modified in my new blog, result is here most of my blog url removed from Google. As there is no support behind me I was finding solution and the reason of these changes with one man army 😀 but no luck….

Then I decided to cross check my previous WordPress SEO settings and understand them what exactly they do….. after wasting couple of hours and reading on blogs, watching videos on youTube again I came to know that accidentally I blocked google to index my articles same as explained in that video.

What you should do ?

After this horrible experience I highly recommend you to do some research what you learned from the internet because not everyone sharing correct information. The good news is I recovered my blog and regain the same amount of traffic in just 48 hours and am also sharing what I did to get it back….

Know what you are doing

There is many features in WordPress we are not aware about them but they may highly impact on your websites, so what I did is learned about the features which are modified according to that video. Only after this I realized that what I did…… as now I knew about these setups properly and there is more chances to make better changes than that video.SEO Strategies.

Use good SEO Tools

I used Ahrefs SEO Tool to re-target my visitors  and my article getting indexed within 5 minutes, but if you can not afford premium tools then you can use free available tools like Google Keyword Planner, Prepostseo.com, SEO Book or you may also get TRIAL of any paid SEO tools

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  1. Yes its always necessary & vital to make a new strategy for the implementation of SEO techniques so as to increase traffic on a website. As well as research will also deliver some benefits so as to attaining the desired results in terms of customer addition and value creation.

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