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Google Merges Its SafeSearch Help Information

A new help Information document has been launched by Google. The help document is for all be it an adult, small child or a group. The SafeSearch amalgamates all Google’s SafeSearch details into one help document.

It explains the working process of SafeSearch, with a new troubleshooting section, but the overall structure of SafeSearch has not changed. Its main purpose is to filter out the explicit contents.

What is SafeSearch? 

SafeSearch is Google’s feature to exclude adult content while filtering the results a user searches on Google. The explicit results could be based on pornography, sexual harassment, violence, and gore. It could be any media like an image, a video clip, links, etc. and treated accordingly whatever falls under Google’s terms and policies. 

Google’s automated systems use machine learning and a variety of signals to identify explicit content, including words on the hosting web page and in links. The objective benign to filter out u

New document. 

The new document is metadata which explains what SafeSearch is, how it filters the site’s contents optimizes it to show the best possible results that are relevant and accurate. We all know the relevancy of Google totally depends on its accuracy in search results. There is also a troubleshooting section at the bottom of the document.

The image below shows what it looks like.

Google Merges Its SafeSearch Help Information

You can also click on the link to see it yourself: (

Determining if SafeSearch is filtering your content.

You can simply start by performing a search of any content on the google search engine. Then turn on SafeSearch. The content would disappear and let you know that the SafeSearch filtering option is on.

You can also use a site: search operator to determine if the entire site is explicit. Using the search operator, if the site is not visible, then google has filtered your site while the SafeSearch feature was running. 

Some tips from the document.

Some of the tips that the documents shares are:

  • You can use a site command with SafeSearch on to see if Google is filtering out all or some of your URLs for SafeSearch.
  • You can the meta rating tag to define if your content is adult, this includes both content=”adult” or content=”RTA-5042-1996-1400-1577-RTA”.
  • Google recommends grouping your explicit pages into sections of your site using a separate domain, subdomain or separate directory.
  • Explicit content is not eligible for rich snippets, featured snippets or video previews. It can take Google two to three months to process adult pages properly..
  • Even if you blur explicit images, Google may still decide the page is explicit if the image can be unblurred or lead to an unblurred image.

It’s a new document with the same old motto, to make a clean and healthy internet world, with a clean informational environment to live in.

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