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Google launches “.DAY”! Start your new Day.

Google has recently launched a new web domain name that is .day. Feels like the rising of a new day in the old domain world, doesn’t it?

The mission of the new .day domain name is to provide a dedicated space to draw attention to any day that is important to you. The three-letter domain ending is not just short and memorable; it instantly lets others know what day your website is all about.

The .day domain allows companies, charities, organizations and individuals to use the domain names to bring special attention to certain days and causes.

The .DAY has come for a new TLD. The .DAY domain provides the perfect domain extension whether you’re commemorating a loved one, planning for an event, like a wedding or anniversary, or any promotional party or work function. You can secure your website, forum, blog or storefront and create a hub centered on your big event, complete with a personalized domain name i.e. (.Day).

dot day Domain

The .day domain names are already being used by religious and cultural organizations, for example, to spread knowledge about how and why holidays like, Deepawali, Ramadan and Easter are celebrated across the world. Days like Mother language day, National security day, National freedom day, Holocaust Remembrance Day by Jewish, International day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation, etc.

You can even “donate” your birthday on birth. day to the charity Save the Children.

Many companies are also purchasing .day domain names, like Wedding .day for the bridal company, Nutella .day for Ferrero, etc. The Knot and by floral delivery service FTD. Celebrities and influencers are following suit, including Felicia .day.

Google has targeted the nonprofits raising awareness, too, including Trans Visibility Day by the Human Rights Campaign, Accessibility Day by the GAAD Foundation, Native Nonprofit Day by the Native Ways Federation, Equal Pay Day by the National Women’s Law Center, MLK Day by the NAACP, Wildlife Day by the World Wildlife Fund, Red Nose Day by Comic Relief, Veterans Day by Team Rubicon and Sesame Street Day by Sesame Street.

Through Google’s Early Access program, you can even register your own .day domain, for a standard fee. If you don’t want to pay extra and don’t mind waiting, .day domains will be publicly available from 1 February at 18:00 local time. You should ask your preferred registrar and go for it.


Read Google’s Announcement

Today is the .day

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