Google Introduced “Posts Feature” in Google My Business

From now everyone can post news, feeds, events or any other things with the help of “Posts Feature” in Google My Business. Through this feature you can create a proper link or connection between the business brands and consumers. This feature helps to enhance and develop the business environment by publishing the needful things in the business world.  The Google My Business (GMB) will display all the posts in its dashboard which will create a most advanced business based knowledge sharing panel for all. User will be getting beneficial on the field of increasing their business promotion, strategies, rates sales etc. with Post feature. No need to get disappointed about this feature because this is a very simple thing which can make a very huge change in your business life.

Google My Business Listing

Now you are thinking about the benefits of Post feature in GMB. Yes, you will get the whole information about the benefits which will surely get from the below described points. Read out the whole article to know more about the Post feature in Google My Business. We will also show you the path for creating new post in Google My Business and you can share it to others.

How can you create a new Post in Google My Business?

Now you are about to get the procedure to create a new post in GMB by following the simple procedures. So let’s have a look on the below points and perform the same.

  • First thing you need to know that you can access Google My Business from any Web browsers in Laptop, Smart Phones. You can also use Android App and iOS App to use it more freely anywhere in your Smart Phones.
  • Now open the Google My Business App or the site from web browser and Sign In using the Google ID.
  • On the left Dashboard menu you can find one option i.e. Posts and click here.
  • Write your text with short description and you should care about your word limitation i.e. 150 – 300 characters.
  • Upload images with high quality resolution photos i.e. 720X720 px in PNG or JPEG format.
  • Select your post type. (If it an event)

GMB Post Feature

Benefits of Posts feature in Google My Business.

Following are the best benefits which you can get while posting something through Google My Business. So check out all the features describe below.

  • It helps the branded business site or any company to circulate them in the digital world through this system.
  • Consumers can get the direct updates from your business sites about various offers, services, product launches etc. without visiting the websites.
  • It can handle the site traffics very efficiently and you can get the appropriate details about every brands and companies.
  • The existing consumers get the highest promotions and offers from the sites via this feature in GMB.
  • A top product of various brands kept in one showcase and highlights the new launched products.
  • Direct connect link with the customers from the Google listing to choose from an available option which they provides.
  • This is a total business panel which broadcast your brand and company in a huge range across the world.

Do Business Brands use Google Posts?

Yes, it is true that many business brands use this Google Posts to connect with various consumers from the whole world. Some of the best restaurants use Google Posts to give the updates to various customers regularly. In some of the major cities various business teams and owners uses this Google posts to connect with the other partners and consumers to circulate their deals across the world. After few days regularly all type of business owner will start using this feature and circulate their deals with others.

How to update in Google my Business

So these are all about the Posts feature in Google My Business. Hope this article about the posts in GMB will definitely help you in the growth of your business structure. Get all the best updates by sign in on your GMB app and websites and keep connect with various business brands across from the world. If you consider that this feature is beneficial for you then please go through the Business and start using posts regularly. As you know that this is the time to create a Digital India so let’s put your hand together and grow up your business digitally.

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