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Google Adsense is now in your hand

Google Adsense is now in your hand

We have seen that many bloggers and website owner’s main sources of income is adsense and they want to keep their eyes on account every moment to avoid invalid activities and monitor Google Adsense account anytime anywhere. But few days back its not possible however this is android era, there are millions of free applications available on play story and Google Adsense unfortunately I haven’t seen anyone installed this app on their devices whatever the reason was.

Why should you install Adsense App?

I think you know the answer but if you don’t then let me explain few benefits of installing Google Adsense android application on your device.

A: Monitor your account anytime: Yes with this application you can check your live earnings stats of your account, it will allows you to check history details and compare with your previous month’s earning. In this case I love to use this app instead of accessing account by going online.

B: Avoid invalid activities:Google added new features to avoid and monitor invalid clicks or activities from your account however if you keep your eyes on your account then you can easily inform the google if you find anything suspicious under your account other if you wait to reach your system and check whats going on over there may be you are too late.

C: Better dashboard to compare: It has really excellent quality of dashboard with almost all necessary features. We have found that it is very easy and user friendly to monitor up downs of your revenue in the comparison of previous months but this is very typical to analyze on desktop version.

I think this is the only way to send your feedback and experiences to adsense team, they always ready to help you out. Your google account is very important for you so don’t let it leave just like that and be transparent with them by following and reading their policies before making any changes.


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