GitHub alternatives to host your projects for free

GitHub is one of the best repositories hosting service that you can use to host your projects. But there are many other GitHub alternatives present on the internet which are worth using. GitHub undoubtedly good enough for developers still it restricted to some extent and users has to face some issues while hosting from their own servers. So, it is always better to know the best GitHub alternatives which are worth using.

Best GitHub alternatives you can use:

So, here are the best alternatives of GiHub which you can use and enjoy similar or better features:

  • GitLab:

GitHub Alternatives GitLab

This is the first and the best alternative of Gitlab for self-hosting. It looks similar like GitHub to some extent and they keep on updating their software which always brings new features and makes it flexible enough.


The only con which I have noticed that it requires high server resources to run. Still, it has some pro features like integrated project wiki and dedicated project website. You can use a custom domain or custom hosting if you wish and you will get unlimited private and public reports also for free.

  • Bitbucket:

GitHub Alternatives bitbucket

If you have a small team or if you don’t have more than 5 users then Bitbucket is just for you. However, it doesn’t have any self-hosting option but still can attract many clients having a smaller team.

You will get unlimited private repositories for the members and charges by how many members you have on the team. Unfortunately, it lacks searching feature which means you cannot search any source code inside but you can use the third application to do the task.

  • Kiln:

GitHub Alternatives Kiln codes

This is a premium source code host service which you can use as GitHub alternative. The best part is it comes with 30 days of the free trial while you can make your mind whether to use this service or not.

This perfect and suitable for medium to large organizations which have around 100 to 500 people involved.

  • Phabricator:

GitHub Alternatives phabricator

Phabricator is among the best GitHub alternatives which you should use. It has a number of features like Code review, Git management, agile development and much more. You can subscribe to files or the repositories to get notifications if there are any changes are made.

However, the major drawback of Phabricator is, it only support 3.4 or later Mercurial clients, sometimes you feel confusing while using this.

  • Gogs:

GitHub Alternatives gogs

Gogs is very easy to install and have a great performance with minimum resources. Design wise it looks similar to GitHub and a former user of GiHub you will just love this along with huge community support.

With Linux, Windows and Mac OS X support it is one of the best self-hosted git service available to use. The major drawback of Gogs is it does not support SVN or Mercurial.

  • SourceForge:

GitHUb Alternatives source forge

This is another repository which hosts more than 324000 projects and over 3.4 million users. It supports Git, Mercurial repositories, metrics, analysis, CVS etc. All the projects have issue tracker and discussion board and a dedicated tab for screenshots.

Another unique feature which makes it different from others is the Shell access. Users can easily download any hosted software here. The mirror network also boosts the downloading speed which helps in saving time for you. In the case of cons, sometimes you might feel like the user interface is messy and the ads might be irritating for you.

So, these are the handpicked and best GitHub alternatives to host your projects for free. However, here many others present which you can have a try. Do let us know which one you are using and recommend using.

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