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Money is a very important aspect of the blogosphere and everyone wants to make it. However, the problem with most online moneymaking platforms is that a webmaster has to invest a lot of time and money in order to get any returns. Google Adsense is a widely known ad network, which is said to offer highest pay out rates in the world. But getting approved to Adsense and then making the readers click the ads is not a child’s play.

Are you demotivated by reading the above paragraph?

Well, cheer up people! Today, I am going to introduce you to a platform on which you can make good money even without having a blog. And, I am not kidding.

Meet Shorte.St: The Best Link Shortener Service Out There

Shorte.St is a link shortener service just like, and, the only difference being you can earn revenue by using it.

Make Money with urls

Wondering how?

These are the steps you will need to follow:

  1. First go to Shorte.St’s homepage and click on “Join Now” button.
  2. Fill the form, register an account and activate it.

That’s all folks! Now just go to your account panel and shorten any URL. Shorte.St gives webmasters the power to not only share this shortened URL on their blog but also to share it as social media posts, personal message or via any other medium.

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Now when anyone will click your shortened link, he or she will be presented with some adverts before being taken to the real website and you will earn money.

Best Payout Rates In The Market

No other URL shortener out there offers pay out rates as high as Shorte.St. The best part is, it updates the rates every day.

Shortest Payout rates

In 2014, the average payout rate for US driven traffic was around $4 (per 1000 visits) and it was highest. But in the last two years, Shorte.St’s network has grown tremendously and now you can earn a whopping $15 for every 1000 visits from USA. The payout rates for developing countries are also attractive, some of which I have listed below (rates as on 12 April 2016 IST).

  • India- $2.00
  • Bangladesh- $0.72
  • Pakistan- $0.80
  • Norfolk Island- $0.50

If you are creative and know how to drive traffic to your link then a target of even $500 per month can be achieved without any problem.

And, as for beginners, they will be able to make $100 per month. This amount might be low but it is enough to get you started. With this much money you can start a self-sustained blog with a premium server. Alternatively, you can just throw a small party every month (off course at your place). Account Now

Earn More With The Affiliate Program

Do you want to earn extra money on top of your link sharing income? Shorte.Est might have the best solution for you.

Shortest affiliate

This platform allows the publishers to sign up for its affiliate program. You do not get any fixed amount of money for bringing in new publishers. Instead, Shorte.Est pays 20 percent of the income generated by the publishers who signed up using your link. More amazing is the fact that this 20 percent plan stays on for lifetime. And, there is no limit to how much referrals you can make.

So, be smart and earn on the hard work of others (sounds selfish but works if you want a passive source of income).

Offers A Bunch Of Tools For Optimization

Shorte.Est not only offers a smarter way to earn money online but it also helps you optimize your methodology for achieving better results. You can use their script on your website to monetize all the external links. WordPress users can install a dedicated plugin instead of script; it automates the link shortening process.

Moreover, publishers can monitor their progress with the help of a highly insightful analytics panel. Among the other tools that Shorte.Est offers are Developers API, Social Share Widget and a Mass Shrinker.

These features are enough to attract any enthusiast who wants to make money online. So, sign up for Shorte.Est today and stop wasting your time looking for other hard ways. Account Now

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