How GDPR Will Digital Transformation in Digital Marketing

GDPR Digital transformation: The GDPR has changed many companies’ ways to market their products and learn about their customers internally.

The GDPR regulations will have a major impact on the ill deed people, and it will put a brake on those who misuse the information of an individual.

Many enterprises take advantage of the loopholes to understand the consumer better and create a product around it, and you can take Apple for example.

Facebook advertising artificial intelligence for example, which is far more advanced than many other rival advertising companies?

What is GDPR?


What is GDRP and Full Form?

There’s nothing to be ashamed for not knowing GDPR and its existence because a few months back even we were clueless about it.

It’s never too late to learn the GDPR and its purpose and impact on the digital society.

The General Data Protection Regulation is GDPR full form, and it is designed to regulate the digital world with a set of legal guidelines.

The GDPR helps the countries to put a brake on the tools & companies collecting and processing the personal information of individuals in the European Union or region.

(It would have been better if these legal guidelines were universal, but it is limited to only European Union.)

The legal guidelines set a barrier to the companies and tools that are collecting individual data while imposing fines on those who are generating revenue from it.

The data protection regulation will apply to any company registered under the European Government and any company that has traffic from EU.

Google Blogger has already enabled it on their dashboard,

but officially it will be effective from May, 25th, 2018.

Overall, it is a data regulation that protects citizens of the EU from data invaders and people who trade data for revenue.

It protects the people privacy and secures country internally from digital threats.

GDPR Digital transformation | GDPR and Personal Privacy


By now, you have realized the importance of the GDPR, right? If you haven’t understood GDPR importance,

then let us tell you how it can protect you from all online threats.


When you visit a website like Google or YouTube, then they collect data from you like web history, your searches, what you have clicked, and what you haven’t clicked.

The information also includes what items are you purchasing on Amazon and other shopping sites,

which gives them the information to pitch you more products, so you buy them.


Many websites have cookies enabled on their sites, which copies all data stored in the browser and it will use them to either target you like Mashable.

Websites who use analytics data put it on good use, so mostly, you don’t have to worry about it.

Reputed sites use Analytics data to give you better content, so it helps you. But, if you visit bad and scam websites,

then they steal your credit card and other important details from you.


The scariest one is selling your data to anyone who pays for it.

Unfortunately, we all have got scammed one or other way, and your email address could have sold to some random people.

You might be receiving PROMOTIONS or SPAMMY emails to your inbox, right?

It means that someone sold your information like Name, Address, Email, Your likings and more.


Advertising companies like Facebook, Social media sites, Google, Yahoo, and other brands will not be able to use EU citizens information anymore.

The USA government slams the Facebook advertising network, and the senators are giving a hard time to Mark Zuckerberg, right now.

The magnitude of the privacy invasion is regulated on another level by GDPR policy.

The policy is forcing advertising companies to evolve and come up with some other innovative idea, which is not a bad thing.

Every good comes to an end, but we do find new ways to find happiness, this is called evolution.

Effect on US companies by GDPR


A lot of people have the misconception that GDPR affects the USA only, but that’s not true at all.

The truth is that any company or individual who is operating a company in the EU gets affected by the regulation. For example,

Inbound Lead Generation

A Digital Marketing company collects information like the email address of the consumer for the trial signups.

The company has to get the legal consent of each user, then send them email courses or any update to customer’s email.

The companies can move forward only when they describe how personally the information is going to be used.

In simple words, the transparency that allows the users to know (Example: Orange Software has the right to sell your information or use it for company purposes) how the information is used.

Preparing for GDPR


Company or Enterprise

If you are running a firm that deals in Digital Marketing or collection of data, then you have to read whole guidelines properly, or the LAW could prosecute you.



Incorporate point of view; the top officials have to work around and find new ways to make this data collection and user data legal.

The GDPR is a big deal because it is demanding billions worth organizations to evolve from May, 25th, 2018.

What Are The Penalties?


EU made a smart move, and they have developed a masterpiece in the penalty section.

Now, the EU looks at Nature of infringement, Intention, Mitigation, Preventative measures, History, Cooperation, Data type, Notification, Certification, and Other.

They understand the situation of the company plus person, and then they work on a penalty.

If the company had no ill intentions and they did not plan well, then they will receive a penalty for being reckless.

Lower Level Company

The penalty starts from €10 million, and it measured at 2% of the worldwide annual revenue of the last financial year.

Overall, the small level company will be surviving, if the crime is not severe.

Upper-Level Company

The penalty starts from €20 million, and it measured at 4% of the worldwide annual revenue of the last financial year.

Based on the violation, the penalty applies to the company and the people who are behind it.

Consumer Power and Consumer Wins


In short, GDPR developed to protect citizens and keep the politicians away from taking advantage of the loopholes to market the sales strategy for their upcoming elections.

It was revealed that Obama, Russians, and Trump had used Facebook and another network in their campaign using these loopholes.

It won’t stop illegal use of information, but it will put barriers that make things harder for multi-billion dollar companies to misuse your information.

What do you think about it? Let us know in the comment section.

GDPR Digital transformation | Where to get GDPR for your site?

Well, there are very limited numbers of platforms available to get your site GDPR compliance with regular updates,

if you do not have a legal advisor to take care of the things then GDPR Tracker will help you into that and it’s easy to use…


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