FREEHOSTINGEU Free Web Hosting Review 2020

FreeHostingEU Free Web Hosting: With PHP/Mysql support and No-ads, low-cost unlimited web hosting plans.

FreeHostingEU has been in the hosting business for a couple of years now. It is a joint project by and AttractSoft GmbH.

FREEHOSTINGEU Free Web Hosting Review 2020
FREEHOSTINGEU Free Web Hosting Review 2020

It provides free web hosting plans as well as free domains.

The host has a good reputation and gives a reliable service. To give a clear overview let’s come to the features that you get when you sign up at

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

FreeHostingEU is a reputable free web hosting provider and promises 99.8% of server uptime. All the features that it provides are enough to create a professional website without spending a single penny.

And to resolve your issues the host also provides 24/7 customer support. You also get 2 free website builders that you can use to design and build your nice looking professional website.

The quick account activation feature proves it to be a real free web hosting provider.

Though the features are great but users still have limited resources. FreeHostingEU only gives 200 MB of disk space and 4 GB of monthly bandwidth transfer that can become troublesome when your website starts receiving traffic.

The worst part is you cannot host multiple domains with a single free web hosting account. If you want then you will have to go for the premium solutions.

Features of FREEHOSTINGEU Free Web Hosting

Free Domains at

FreeHostingEU gives users the option to get free domains at the domain generally stands for European.

You can also purchase premium domains from them or you can add your already registered domain to your free hosting account.

No Ads on Free websites

Ads from your host that are displayed on your website can be very annoying and they can also lead to a negative impact on your visitors.

FreeHostingEU is very promising in giving webmasters an Ad-Free Hosting for their websites.

Free PHP MySQL hosting

One of the many issues that people face in free web hosting is the absence of PHP scripts and MySQL database hosting.

Well, you will not have to hit your head with that problem if you are planning to host your website on FreeHostingEU. It gives users the option to choose from 12 scripts that come preloaded in its Zacky Installer.

Moreover, you can also create, manage, and edit your databases from the control panel that you will get once you sign up.

Full-Featured Control Panel

The best and most important thing about any free web hosting provider is the control panel that it gives. FreeHostingEU gives a very easy to use and

user-friendly panel to manage websites. Users can easily do what they want to do with their website. You can also see a demo of their control panel before signing up.

Additional Features

FreeHostingEU Features
FreeHostingEU Features

FreeHostingEU free host servers are situated in Germany, Europe. In addition to free hosting, they also offer 5 free domain names with (European meaning)

the extension included with all FreeHostingEU free web hosting plans. Visit the site FreeHostingEU, belonging to the category Free PHP Hosting.

  • 200 MB Web Space
  • 4 GB Bandwidth
  • Website Builder No
  • No Forced Ads
  • POP3 Server Access
  • 1 Email Account
  • File Uploading
  • 1 FTP Accounts,
  • Web-Based File Manager
  • User URL
  • 5 SubDomain & 5 Free Domain


If you want unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth transfer, then there are hundreds of other Free hosting providers that can give you that at no cost.

But if you think that 200MB and 4GB monthly bandwidth transfer is enough for you then FreeHostingEU is great for you.

If you feel any Difficulty While accessing FREEHOSTINGEU, then comment Below, we will fix it as soon as Possible.

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