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Freehosting.com is the popular free web hosting service by which you can get a website by just signing up your name and Email IDs.

You will get great tools and feature which you create the best website, as a beginner, you must be worrying about how to start a free website?

So here the service is provided with free tutorials by which you can easily into the design and customization of the website.

The Freehosting.com also gives you the free domain name registration and also free domain transfer along with the forums.

So everything which you need for creating a complete website, here you are made available with these options for making your website more efficient and reliable.

You can ask a question in the forums for getting instant helps,

free domain transfer for changing your domain hosting service and also get a free domain name registered in Freehosting.com.

Features of the Freehostig.com

Since the hosting service is free of cost, you can create a website at any time anywhere you want.

There are certain features of which are very important for you to have it before you operate any website.

And so let us discuss the important features you are getting in this service

Website Builder

There are tons of templates ready to use for making your website look most beautiful than others. You can choose the templates according to the niche you are using for your website.

cPanel Hosting

A very strong control panel you will get using this service for major control over your website.


Even in the free plans, you are getting up to 10GB storage which is a huge memory for storing all the data backups of your website.


Any kind of issues while operating the website, you can discuss it with professionals by questioning in the forums provided in the service.


You grow your website using eCommerce tools by making your website flexible for online shopping.

100% ad-free

There are certain problems regarding the website and the internet are the unnecessary ads which disturb on your website.

You can get a clean website free from any disturbing ads with Freehosting.com

Social Apps

Get your website connected with social apps like- Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. which will bring you instant fame with no time.

customer supports

The expert team will always assist you to operate the website with the best guide. So you have no need to worry using the website with Freehosting.com

Free Hosting plans

There is a free web hosting plan of Freehosting.com which you will also get all the features in extra-large in size.

You are not made limited regarding the feature as compared to the other web hosting company.

All you have to do is sign up on the official website and get started using the free template.

But before you must register a free domain name in the service for using it on your website

The feature of Free service is- 10 GB disk space, 250 GB monthly data transfer, cPanel& FTP access included.

Easy Website Builder, blogging tools like MySQL database with 1 Email account with one domain are also included in the free plan of Freehosting.com

Premium Hosting plans

After you have used up all the limited features of free service, now you upgrade to the premium one for using more extraordinary website features and tools.

This plan is best when your website is growing very fast, and required a huge feature to handle which the free one does not have.

So here below are features discussed in details-

Feature of the plans- In this plan you will get everything unlimited i.e. unlimited on Disk space, Monthly data transfer, Subdomains, etc.

other important tools like cPanel, FTP accounts, PHP mail function, Email accounts, MySQL Databases, PhpMyAdmin,

Automatic script installer for WordPress, phpBB, etc. and many more.

Price- Since it is a premium, you can purchase this at just $7.99 USD /month.

Host your website or access virtual workstations with windows applications with a 99.9% uptime guarantee from www.CloudDesktopOnline.com.

Learn more about Desktop as a Service (DaaS) or virtualization software by visiting Apps4Rent – Hosting Provider.

Domain name registration

The domain name is also one of the important services provided by the Freehosting.com company.

You can register your website name like .com, .org, .net or many others you just have searched the availability of the domain name and when found purchased it immediately.

You can also transfer your domain from another web hosting service which will be done absolutely free.

There are no hidden fees in any of the services; all the schemes and details are shown as it is. So grab one right now and enjoy the free website for you.

Final Words

Generally, Freehosting.com offers you a lot of worth for a web host where most everything truthfully is free.

It’s a feasible option for the interest blogger or small re-seller, or if you just like receiving things for free.

Thoughtful business owners, online sellers, and bloggers may fare better with other web hosts.

Rajesh is an entrepreneur from heart. He loves to tweak and explore the possibilities around himself. He is a self-expert in SEO, blogging, and web hosting. Besides being an expert, he is strict when it comes to self-learning. He often advises others to follow this art. "We must be ready to learn anytime!"

7 Reviews

  1. Septique! où est le piège?

  2. Your empathy is a bit overwhelming and I’m grateful for it.

  3. I think it’s foolish to go with free hosting, yes, but if a small site or a business site then blogger is the best to go.
    This is just my opinion

  4. Before I didn’t use this service. I want genuine reviews about this. Please any one out there let me know the review. Thanks.

    • Ok, I used it for free for a few weeks and was partially satisfied/partially not. Free hosting was slow, unreliable, disappearing from the net – but what can you expect from the free service? I decided to pay them (a stupid mistake) for the economy package. My website disappeared from the net forever, they are not replying to my messages, they have sent what I understand was an automatic email that they are moving my site to a new server but login/password they have sent to me do not work so I have no access to the website anymore at all! This has been lasting over the last 3 weeks, and no single reply from them to all messages I have sent. My website is still offline and I am unable to login and to change settings to move to another provider. I am requesting a chargeback from my credit card company. Can this be worse than that? If you want to get into trouble – start using their services. The worst experience I could imagine, extremely irritating not to have a single message of acknowledgement from them, moreover, you pay and as soon as paid you have no access to your website anymore. I think these guys deserve proper investigation and actually I am going to raise this further.

  5. What about the free hosting ? is the server up time is guaranteed ?

    • Hi! I just had for about 5 days my website on the free hosting part. It is absolutely awful! The site was down, about 5 hours each day. I sent several messages trying to contact them, and nothing. I mean nothing at all. They are absolutely useless in terms of facilitating SSL, so if you are planning an e-commerce store, just don’t ever go to freehosting.com . Even to change the domain name that was parked with them, because of course I had to go to another host, they haven’t done yet. It is really bad! I have no idea how someone can give a good review. At least using their free service.


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