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Why my Free Hosting Account Suspended?

Free Hosting Account Suspended: The growth of the website hosted on Free unlimited cPanel hosting is increasing

Which is no surprise as the Internet, and online usage is increasing, thus making small business have their websites.

The cost of getting a website online nowadays is significantly higher but lesser than the past.

One of the biggest investments would be on a hosting account, which can be avoided by using a free website builder and hosting.

Why my Free Hosting Account Suspended?

Create a free website with unlimited space is an attracting scheme that helps a lot of people.

Free Hosting Account Suspended
Free Hosting Account Suspended

But, we hear many cases where users got their accounts suspended, and users do not get any reply from the authorities.

Why your account suspended for free hosting?

The number of reasons is many, but we are going to reveal those rules, which are broken by the users and got their accounts suspended.

Multiple accounts

Free web hosting with cPanel are meant for one or two websites, but there are many people online whose ideas and schemes are to set-up multiple accounts and spread spam.

Even if you are someone who is not aware of the rule can get suspended.

Before adding multiple accounts, you need to know what is web hosting?

Then you will realise that reputed free hosting companies use various ways to identify and locate the creator of the accounts, so getting caught by the hosting company is higher.

It is important for every user to learn that they cannot have multiple accounts on a free unlimited cPanel hosting.

Incorrect Profile Details

Hosting companies who are providing free services require valid information about your profile details;

if you are providing false or random information, then users lose credibility of the company.

Thus it results in suspension of the account.

These companies are already not monetising, so they don’t make a penny. All they have is your information that they cannot use either.

It encourages companies when a genuine person created an account and using it for good purposes.

Trust & genuinely is important to a company and the users, so always provide valid information, so the company confidence in your will increase.


One of the major problems the whole Internet is facing on a regular basis is spamming.

From Google to an ordinary website fights back spam and spammers.

Companies cannot tolerate spammers who create spam website and spread invalid information.

Free web hosting companies organise their rules to fight spammers, so never try to deceive the company or else you get banned.

Many developers & newbies try to over smart the free hosting companies,

which is naïve thinking because these organisations have information that they use to prevent spammers from using the services.

Don’t care about your website

Majority of the free hosting sites look for an active member who is trying hard to come on the top using their site.

However, we do find many websites which have lost the sight and confidence to build it into an entity.

These websites lose credibility, and they stay inactive for a long time,

So, it does not make any sense for the free hosting company to encourage such sites. Someone else can use that space to build their online profile, right?

So, authority rather free up space and give an opportunity to someone else, so an inactive account can get banned or suspended easily.

However, many services give an opportunity to the administrators of the site to get back their site, so make sure to look for that opportunity.

How to avoid Hosting Account Suspension?

We have already listed the reasons why many of you have a suspended account, but we are also going to tell you a few bonus reasons.

Free Hosting Account Suspended
Free Hosting Account Suspended

Email: While signing up make sure to use Gmail or Yahoo mail.

Activity: Make sure to log in to your account once in a while or make changes to your website. Activity once in a month is important.

Make sure to follow the rules which the company is asking you to follow or else, getting banned or suspended is easier than creating an account.


Every free hosting company has their own set of rules, to ensure that you are following each & every point to avoid suspension.

Let, us know which mistake you have made to get your account suspended in the comment section.

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