Free Alternatives of Survey Monkey

We all live in a dynamic world with changing opinions, uncertain likes and dislikes, different preferences and what not. And amongst all this, the prime concern while starting any business is getting to know our audience. Target audience plays a very important to help us being sorted before starting or introducing any new thing in the market. It gives us an insight into what people need and prefer. If you want to get engaged with your audience and get some feedback on your product, then online survey is the best thing that comes out for your rescue. Online Survey comes in very handy to help you out by giving you clear statistics on various topics. There are many online survey tools where you can get your survey done, and Survey Monkey is undoubtedly one of the best options available out there. Survey Monkey has got many features which makes this tool the best among all the online survey tools.

Survey Monkey Alternative

Everyone is using Survey Monkey for conducting their online survey and the result from this online survey tool is also genuine and helpful to a great extent. But today in this context we are going to give you some best free alternatives of Survey Monkey. These alternatives of Survey Monkey also have lots of features in them and you will also feel handy to use this alternatives survey tools. And moreover, there is no harm in getting to know about alternatives or using them at the time of need. Because we believe in keep backups and being secure.

Alternatives of Survey Monkey


So here below are the best alternatives of the most popular Survey Monkey online survey tool.

  1. Type Form: With the best user experience and elegant design “Typeform” is one of the best alternatives to Survey Monkey. This online survey tool has got the best user interface as an online survey tool. In this tool you can use survey for free with lots of features which includes unlimited questions and answer, data exporting and basic reporting. Apart from this you can also design your custom template or theme color. Wow! Isn’t that a lot to start with? The pros are too irreresistible.

Survey Monkey Vs Type Form

In the free version, you will also get some premium features like the “pipe respondent” where if the user gives his/her name in the survey, then you can interact with them too. This feature of the Type Form makes it one of the best alternatives. So this is all about the free account, if you want to go for the premium account then it will cost you $25 every individual month.

  1. Google Forms: Google Form is the product from Google and this is also one of the best free online survey tools. As this tool is from Google, people trust it a lot. Talking about the features of the Google Forms, you can do unlimited surveys and respondent, get a bunch of themes, can add image and videos, do collaborations and much more.

Google Forms ReviewAnother exclusive feature of Google Form is that all the answers of the surveys and data will automatically get saved in the Google Sheet. So if you want to check the record of your survey, you can directly go to Google sheet and have a look at the result. With all these features the Google Forms is listed on the second number in our list of the best alternatives for Survey Monkey.


  1. Zoho Survey: This is another decent online surveying tool which you can use. In Zoho Survey you can go for free version or, for unlocking more exciting features you can also use the premium version which starts from $39.

Zoho Survey Forms

In the free version of the Zoho Survey you will get lots of amazing features like unlimited surveys, you can ask up to 15 questions in 1 survey and up to 150 responses in a single survey. As you are not getting those exclusive features in the free version, you can subscribe to the premium version of Zoho Survey.

  1. Survey GizmoSurvey Gizmo is another best option to choose for doing online      survey for free of cost. This tool has got an exceptionally well user interface, but the only issue is that you will get very limited features in this free online survey tool. The features are like you will get unlimited questions and surveys, you will be able to use the basic question types, basic reports and respondents up to 50.So you are getting very limited features in the free version of Survey Gizmo. If you want to upgrade your features you can go for the premium version of the Gizmo which will start from $15 to $199.

Survey Gizmo

So these are the best free alternatives of Survey Monkey which you can use if you want to experience new user interface with the same features of Survey Monkey. All these online survey tools are free to use, but if you want to upgrade the features then you can go for the premium version. If you have any other options as to the alternatives of Survey Monkey then feel free to comment down below. We would love to hear from you.

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