5 Reasons to avoid Fiverr SEO Gigs

It is really important that you choose a good SEO source for your website to help it grow. Cheap SEO services aren’t always the best choice when you are really trying to push your blog/website to rank at the top of the search engine result. And this goes the same for Fiverr.com SEO gigs. Fiverr.com is one of the cheapest sources of SEO service, as cheap as $5. But expect being super cheap, there is more to the fiverr.com SEO service that can harm your website more than doing any good.

SEO Gigs on Fiverr

So if you are thinking about grabbing a bulk amount SEO service like commenting, bookmarking, content or any other SEO service from Fiverr.com, THINK AGAIN!!!. Want to know the reasons why a cheap source isn’t the best choice when it comes to SEO?

Here are the five most obvious reasons why you should avoid buying SEO Gigs from Fiverr.com.

  1. BAD SEO:

The most common answer for a websites/blogs downfall would be bad SEO. And this is what you might have to face from the Fiverr SEO gigs. Yes, Fiverr.com provides excellent service, but when it comes to SEO gigs, 99.99% of the SEO gig provider are frauds. This won’t just provide you with bad Fiverr SEO Gigs services, but if you run out of luck, your site might get penalized for spamming.


Many of the SEO gigs providers on Fiverr.com will provide you with the mass amount of SEO services. You will notice an instant boost in your Blog/Website. But the happy times with these cheap SEO services will eventually run out.

Bad Search Engine Optimisation

Because eventually, your site spam score will be breaking the roof. And if you use this cheap SEO gigs from Fiverr.com for a long term, it will harm your site more than doing any good.



Got a new keyword with excellent search volume and low competition? GREAT J Using SEO gigs from fiverr.com to write articles or PBN’s or guest post? BAD IDEA!!! This will not only expose your website to potential competitors, but you will be handing over a potentially great keyword in the hands of a stranger. This creates a huge risk of your keyword being exposed and being used by others.


If you think that you don’t have time to update your site on your own, then get SEO content from trusted sources. AS the SEO gig providers on Fiverr.com will not only provide you with a bad SEO but if your luck runs out, you can say your hard worked site Goodbye. It has been reported a lot of time that, the content used by few SEO gig client from fiverr.com received copied and spammed SEO like Black Hat SEO. This will leave the Website at the mercy of the Search Engine and copy content owner.
And eventually, the website will get penalizes by the original content owner or the Search Engine.


What’s an Automated SEO? Well, when you are promised with a huge bulk of SEO service in an unbelievable period, these are most probably Automated SEO. These are the comment, bookmarks, profile links and another SEO service which use an automated robot to produce bulk (spam) SEO services. And yes, you will receive all the SEO service in bulk as you paid for, but these will all be scams which will cost you your whole Website.

And so these are the five reasons why you should avoid using SEO gig services from Fiverr.com. You can defiantly go for cheap SEO services if the provider is well known to you, except that you would only be risking your downfall.

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