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FastComet Hosting is a leading web hosting provider that is known for providing fast and efficient hosting services. We understand there are hundreds of hosting companies out there and choosing the right one that matches your needs can get cumbersome, so here we are, at your service, to inform you about yet another great hosting option through this FastComet Review.

Also, FastComet hosting is currently providing deals for all types of businesses, so if you want to keep your business running during these difficult times, all you have to do is grab this offer now as it is a limited period offer.

Get it now before it is gone, keep reading to find the exclusive FastComet web hosting Coupons, we have also listed all the features, pros, and cons of FastComet Hosting.

Why Fastcomet Review?

If you are looking for the best hosting services for your business or individual website, then you will require great research to figure out whether this hosting is perfect for you.

We have done most of the research work for you so that you get a detailed FastComet Review.

Now, if you are someone who is baffled with your current web hosting company due to their awful support, slow loading speed, and increased server downtime, one of your best bets is moving to FastComet Hosting.

Also, even if you are a beginner in the field, then this is one of the best hostings as you will get the basic functionality on a clean and easy-to-use interface that will help you achieve your goals smoothly.

In this FastComet review, we will tell you why!

What makes us eligible for this Fastcomet review?

For the purpose of this FastComet review, we hosted a website with the company and set our team of experts to monitor and continuously analyze the various performance-based aspects to give you honest and genuine facts about their hosting services.

Our experts then presented us with a 4S analysis for FastComet review. (We will tell you all about the 4S analysis later in this review).

Now that we have got that sorted and hopefully established our authenticity in front of you, let’s get started with the FastComet review.

FastComet Review 2020

Headquartered in San Francisco California, FastComet got into Cloud Hosting Business in 2013

and ever since has gained popularity by providing high-quality hosting and user-friendly features and functionalities.

In this FastComet review, we will address and verify if the company is actually one of the fastest hosting providers and whether it offers the best support services in the web hosting industry, through our 4S analysis.

The 4S are the key deciding elements of whether you should go for a hosting company or not.

They are:

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Support
  • Server Uptime

FastComet Review: Why does the speed of your website matter?

Before we jump to the actual performance of FastComet when it comes to speed, let us tell you about why you should give the speed of your web hosting company the utmost importance.

Do you know that 47% of users expect sites to load within 2 seconds?

Do you know that 40% of users leave the website that takes more than 3 seconds to load?

Do you know that even 1 Second delay in your site loading time, reduces the conversion rate by 7%?

Do you know that 53% of mobile visits are abandoned if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load?

We assume that you have understood where we are getting at with all these questions. All of the above questions are the facts we picked up from a study about Internet users’ behaviour patterns.

If you have guessed that the speed of your website is directly related to its success, then you are on point.

To simply put, speed is one of the most crucial factors due to the fact that the traffic on your website is profoundly affected by its loading speed or server response time.

This is why we conducted some speed tests for the proper FastComet review.

Speed Analysis for FastComet Review

Currently, FastComet hosting company serves 45,000 customers through 83 countries. With FastComet hosting, you will get a PaaS approach.

Although some people are complaining about loading speed being slow, which is quite surprising as the company’s name signifies being fast.

To verify this fact, we conducted various defining speed tests on the website we hosted with FastComet Hosting for this FastComet Review.

Traceroute test for Fastcomet Review

We started with the fundamental Traceroute test for the FastComet Review. Through the Traceroute test, a path that the signal took as it travelled around the internet to the destination website is displayed.

It also shows the response times that occurred at each stop along the route.

Long story short- Using a traceroute test, any connection problem or latency connecting to a site can be detected.

When we conducted the traceroute test for the FastComet hosting’s official website itself, the maximum response time from data centres near us is only 1 ms.

On the other hand, we marked 317 ms as the lowest response time, which is at best okayish.

However, we also noticed Zero Incidents where at a particular destination, the router did not respond to the packets sent within a timeout period. Keep reading to know what can be the reason behind it.

We then tested our own website, the same one which we hosted for this FastComet review.

The result we found when we tried the traceroute test with our website was more or less similar to the official site of FastComet Hosting.

The maximum response time was around 14 ms, which was what we expected with the FastComet Hosting.

The minimum response time was recorded at 297 ms, which is remarkably fast. But, unlike the above results, we also recorded a no response within the timeout period from one of the destinations.

This proves that Fastcomet Hosting is quite fast, however, if you have maestro requirements then we recommend you the hosting companies like YouStable or Interserver.

Pingdom Speed test for FastComet review

After the basic Traceroute test, to track and analyze the load time of our website, using Pingdom’s Page Speed Monitoring tool. We checked the speed from five different locations viz:

  • Europe – Germany – Frankfurt
  • Asia – Japan – Tokyo
  • Pacific – Australia – Sydney
  • Europe – United Kingdom – London
  • South America – Brazil – Sao Paulo

What we found through these pingdom tests was not something we expected. We witnessed that speed is good but not extraordinarily so. Although the loading speed is still excellent, especially in Europe.

When it comes to speed in South America and Asia, we see a bit decline in the overall loading speed. The speed further falls down in Australia, but then also it is fast, given the number of requests.

Next, in this FastComet review, we will tell you how FastComet Hosting is able to provide its users with optimum speed.

What makes FastComet Fast?

#1 Cloudflare CDN:

Cloudflare is a content delivery network that improves the page loading times by directing the visitors to the nearest server and caching your website. Whenever the main version of your website is offline, Cloudflare serves the cached version of your website.

FastComet provides free Cloudflare CDN on their basic plans also. CDN hosts your data on the worldwide servers, which is why it loads instantly from anywhere.

While other Cloud hosting companies do not offer this service on their plans and in case they do, they ask for extra money. FastComet Hosting is one of the best options for new businesses as they are open-source friendly with more than 150 applications.

#2 RocketBooster Hosting environment:

The hosting environment of FastComet Hosting is known as RocketBooster as it provides the users with three times the resources per account. FastComet promises faster speeds and we all know that speed is as important as Uptime.

As faster websites have much higher conversion rates, more customer satisfaction, and better SEO. FastComet provides high-quality performance when under load as there is remarkable stability. FastComet servers have the capacity to handle the traffic well, but they are not in the top 5 of the fastest backends.

#3 Full SSD-only Cloud Hosting:

With FastComet, SSD hosting is superior as it is 10 times faster and more reliable than traditional HDD. Also, SSD hosting by FastComet is way cheaper than other companies.

Security Analysis for FastComet Review

FastComet is a well-known SSD-based cloud hosting provider, offering amazing features at affordable prices and most importantly at a highly secure hosting environment. This enables users like you to just concentrate on managing websites without any worries about security issues.

For this FastComet Review, our team has done a deep analysis of the security features offered by FastComet, we have listed a few of them below:

#1 Free SSL Certificate

All the plans by FastComet offer free SSL certificates and you have the option to buy other certificates too. FastComet SSD Cloud hosting provides Wildcard Global SSL certificate free and installs it for free, while on the other hand many hosting providers charge for installing SSL certificates.

#2 Built-in Malware Removal and Firewall

Although several web Hosts offer firewalls, they do not assist with the malware issues. However, FastComet offers solutions to malware problems and safeguards other customers using the same server.

Security is an integral part of FastComet and it offers advanced account isolation using CageFS and Cloud Linux so that infected websites do not spread malware across the server.

Web application firewall of FastComet is optimized for content management systems like WordPress, Magento, and Joomla. It blocks 99% of the attempts of unauthorized access to hosted sites.

#3 DNS and DDoS Protection

Resolving your domain through the DNS service is an essential part of accessing your website and can be a target of DDoS attacks, resulting in the degradation in the performance and uptime of your website.

To mitigate DDoS Attacks, FastComet hosting has partnered with CloudFlare, a leading managed CDN and DNS service provider. Cloudflare provides ultra-fast CDN and secures DNS built-in service available for free on all hosting plans.

Support Analysis for FastComet Review:

FastComet Hosting does not outsource support and technical staff but has an in-house customer support team that is available 24/7/365, so rest assured that every support executive is handpicked to be efficient at what they do.

FastComet Hosting provides excellent customer service to its clients and we tried contacting the customer support through two different accounts. The agent responded right away and solved our query for both the accounts.

We dropped another email from our first account on the next day regarding another query in the evening, but this time the response was a bit slow as it was solved the next day. However, the agents were quite friendly and professional.

The support team is available 24/7 and are happy to sort out the queries. There are video tutorials also available in the knowledge base of the FastComet website. These videos guide you about installing and managing WordPress or Drupal. They help the platform be easier to use even to beginners.

Customer Service through FastComet Hosting company is quite good considering the prices are lower than its other competitors.

Server Uptime Analysis for FastComet Review

Server Uptime is crucial to measure the reliability of your web hosting company and one of the very first things you should check when going for a hosting company.

No matter what kind of website you run, it is always for the best that your website is never down.

FastComet Hosting promises a strong Uptime for its users. The hosting company has positioned its services among the best brands in the hosting field and you get the best uptime guarantee for your website.

Network and Infrastructure Uptime

FastComet Hosting guarantees a 100% uptime on their Public Network in a given month, excluding scheduled or emergency maintenance. In case they fail to provide anything less than  100% they will offer a 10% credit of your monthly fee for each hour of network downtime, up to 100% of your monthly fee for the affected service.

Website and Services Uptime

FastComet guarantees that the users’ website will be available 99.9% of the time in a given month, excluding scheduled or emergency maintenance. They provide the same compensation in case the downtime falls lower than promised as in the above case.

FastComet Hosting claims to have an uptime of 99.97 percent, which, in a sense, is a great figure.

For thisFastComet review, we used tools like Uptime Robot to check the server uptime. We also monitored the ping response of the website we hosted with FastComet Hosting.

This is the image result of the website we hosted with FastComet for this FastComet review. Also, this is the Ping Monitor type we used at Uptime robot.

As it is quite evident from the image above, the average response time was recorded at 364 ms, although this is a bit slower speed, we understand the reason behind is the image and plugin heavy website.

Also, the website displays Google Ads, yet another reason for a bit slower speed.

Apart from that, we also recorded a 10 minutes long downtime, making the overall uptime of the website at 99.975% in the past 30 days.

This is yet again something that matches the standard of FastComet Hosting, as we mentioned earlier in the FastComet review.

To cross verify our figures and give our readers a bit clearer picture, we also checked the uptime of FastComet Hosting’s official website itself.

In this, we recorded a 99.892% percent uptime in the last 30 days. The average response time was 512 ms.

This is yet again one of the best figures we have witnessed as compared to other top hosting companies (However, YouStable gives a good run for money to FastComet when it comes to Uptime).

Now that we have covered the 4S analysis of the FastComet review, let’s look at the prices and plans FastComet Hosting has to offer.

We will later in the FastComet review look at the additional features, and USP of the FastComet Hosting.

FastComet Review: Plans and Pricing

FastComet Hosting is quite affordable and starts at $1 per month. Considering the prices of the hosting, customer support is incredible as the team helps you promptly when you are stuck. Payment in the company is only through PayPal and Credit Cards, so we think payment options are limited.

However, several FastComet Coupons are available so that you can get a substantial discount on the services.

FastComet Shared and VPS Hosting:

When we signed up with FastComet for this FastComet review, there were impressive hosting options. Usually, web hosting providers offer only two or three hosting plans, and those offering more plans scale up massively. Here are the plans offered by FastComet web hosting:

  • Shared Hosting: Shared Hosting starts at $2.95 per month and you get the option to have an unlimited number of visitors every month. With these plans, you will get free domain transfer and customized server setup. The websites can be transferred easily and the security level of all plans is very high. You will get daily backups and a network firewall.
  • Fully Managed SSD Cloud VPS Hosting: This type of hosting comes with 4 plans and provides you with more SSD space, bandwidth, and more monthly visitors as compared to Shared Hosting plans. SSD cloud VPS hosting is great for more experienced webmasters who need more computing power.

Cancellations and Refunds:

FastComet is quite popular as it offers a 45-days money-back guarantee with no cancellation fees. This helps you try out the services before buying. We were quite impressed with the cancellation policy as other hosting providers only guarantee a 30-days money-back.

When we started the process of canceling our account, there was a series of questions that urged us to stay back. However, the company refunded our payment within the next 48 hours.

Now that we have covered plans and pricing let’s look at some of the features we discovered for this FastComet Review

FastComet Review: Features of FastComet Hosting

#1 Low-Cost, Hassle-Free Cloud Hosting

With FastComet Hosting, all your website and hosting related ordeals are simplified. You will get firewalls, encryption, and anti-spam software as standard and you will get free daily backups and 24/7 customer support, in case you are stuck.

You can also manage your domain names, register, transfer, or close your domains. If you have many websites, they can be controlled on any device. You can get emails, notifications, and manage your emails with ease.

#2 Free Managed Website Migration

In case you already have a website, with FastComet, you can get hassle-free transfers to help you migrate from your old host.

While other hosting companies provide only the support document in the name of free migrations, FastComet has a team of experts that moves the entire website for you within an hour at no additional cost.

#3 Free Daily & Weekly Backups

FastComet offers free daily and weekly backups of your data to keep you safe in the online world. While other hosting companies charge for this, FastComet Hosting does this for free!

#4 Money-back guarantee with no hidden fees:

Plans offered by FastComet hosting are fixed and without any hidden fees. The company provides 100% customer satisfaction and you need to pay only for the services you use.

In case you don’t like the quality of the hosting then you can get all your money back with ease. While most competitors provide only a 30-days money-back guarantee, FastComet offers a 45-days complete refund in case you are not satisfied.

#5 Powered by cPanel:

FastComet hosting is powered by cPanel, which is the most powerful control panel to manage your hosting account.

It offers a user-friendly, intuitive, and convenient interface and is mobile friendly. cPanel can help you in many ways like it can help manage your account, make payments, change hosting plans, and refill your account.

The company offers value-added features like free backups daily and Cloudflare CDN caching. With FastComet Coupons, you will get shared and dedicated hosting along with cloud VPS hosting across the global network.

FastComet Review: Easy To Use UI

FastComet makes the complicated tasks look easy from one-click installers to website building toolkit, FastComet makes your life easy for you.

Account creation: We created a FastComet account to get the feel of the web hosting service so we went ahead and signed up.

The menu has a huge number of options, so the process is a tad bit overwhelming. The setup fee is quite hefty in case you are signing up for the short term. The set up is not as easy as other websites as there are many cross-sell on the way.

Connection of domain and installing WordPress: We tried connecting our domain and installing WordPress, but had some problems, so we contacted the customer support through live chat and got a quick and prompt response. Installing WordPress is easy but it is complicated when you want to make use of other features like Cloudflare CDN.

Easy Control from any device: With FastComet you can manage accounts and domains from any device using an internet connection. This means you can access your website even while traveling from your tablet, mobile phone, or laptop. The customer service team is highly helpful, in case you experience problems accessing the website while on the go.

Website Building Essentials: Basic plan by FastComet Hosting comes with website building essentials or a starter kit that can help you get started easily. The kit includes a free domain, unlimited email accounts, and a drag-and-drop website builder. These website building essentials help you build and maintain websites with great ease.

Product Marketplace: FastComet offers a wide range of products and you can easily scale your package up or down with cloud hosting. With the full marketplace at your disposal, you can pick and choose the required resources like more storage or better power of processing.

FastComet Review: Performance

As per our FastComet review, the servers are not as fast as expected but they are not slow either. While some reviewers talk about slow speeds, performance problems, and downtime but according to us, the speed was quite good in the USA, Europe, and Canada.

Since FastComet web hosting is global, it could do with more speed. This does not mean that FastComet will be very slow, it will work fine, but don’t expect something that is not possible.

Further for this FastComet Review, let’s look at the pros and cons of FastComet.

FastComet Review: FAQs

👍 Does FastComet offer Managed WordPress Hosting?

FastComet offers managed WordPress hosting and after sign up, you need to go for the standard shared hosting plans which are all managed.

👍 Which Control Panel is used by FastComet?

FastComet uses cPanel hosting for FastComet shared hosting plans.

👍 Where are the data centers of FastComet located?

FastComet Hosting data centers are located in Germany, the United States, UK, Singapore, Netherlands, Japan, India, and Canada.

👍 Does FastComet provide Backup Services?

Yes, You will get both daily and weekly backups through FastComet.

👍 Which FastComet plan is the best for the WordPress Hosting?

FastComet offers customized plans for WordPress Hosting and the package comes with solid features like one-click installation. It speeds up your WordPress website with Cloudflare CDN. The plan comes with advanced security features along with expert support.

FastComet Review Conclusion

The quality of FastComet Hosting is awesome and it is quick and honest. The polite response by customer service is great, which makes it a quality host. The Uptime of the website through FastComet web hosting provider is amazing and the free addons are a plus.

We hope this FastComet review will guide you through to make an educated buying decision and you can even look out for the FastComet coupons that can help you buy web hosting at low prices.

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