Error 522: CloudFlare Connection timeout – Resolved

Cloud Flare error 522 error can be occurred in many situations, but basically its related to your web hosting account or to your website itself. This error (error 522) specially comes with websites integrated with a most popular Content Delivery Network (CDN) called CloudFlare.  It shows that CDN provider is unable to establish a connection to your hosting provider or its taking too much time to respond, in most of cases this is related to hosting account only but some times it causes because of some scripts available on your website.

Error 522 causes by ?

As already explained you that there can be more than 1 reason of this issue like

  1. Your hosting is down
  2. CloudFlare IP’s being blocked from your hosting provider
  3. Your server taking too much time to respond
  4. Third Party Scripts on your website


Error 522


Error 522 Solution:

Here I will explain you about “How to resolve error 522” with all above situations I am familiar with, If you know any another way to resolve this issue please email us and I’ll include it too and give you the credit 🙂

Web Hosting Down: This is the first thing you need to do in order to resolve this issue and get your website online. Try to login into cPanel with the IP like yourwbesiteIP:2083, if its accessible then I recommend you to try to pull up your website without cloud flare by following this simple steps..

  1. Retrieve your shared IP (You can ask to your hosting provider)
  2. Access your website with http://yourwebsiteip/~cPanel user name/ suppose if your website IP is and cPanel username is WEBSITE then try to access with http:/

If you are able to view your website then its issue with Cloud Flare and in this case I recommend you to delete your website from CF and add it after 48 hours again and your website will be live…

CloudFlare IP’s are blocked: Hosting providers like us, use Firewall security to protect you from hackers and sometimes we forget to white list new CloudFlare IP’s to our server as result CDN wouldn’t able to access your website files at all. In this case you have to contact your hosting provider.

Server taking time to respond: Even in situation you have to follow second procedure (Contact your hosting provider)

Third Party Scripts: If you are using WordPress then please deactivated your plugins and change theme to check if is there anything causing this issue but if you are not able to get access of your admin dashboard then you can disable plugins or themes by rename folder name from your control panel.
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  1. Good article, thanks for sharing. Is it possible to redirect to a custom page (something like a maintenance page) on 522 error?

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