Domain is already registered error #0847

All free hosting provider has same DNS system so if your domain name is already parked on any free hosting provider then you can not use that particular domain name on any other free hosting provider.

At GoogieHost we have noticed that now days many users moving their website on our server because we provide much resources to run newbie websites and even you are planing to host low traffic websites. As we have noticed that most of moved accounts came from other free hosting provider, as result when they try to create account at googiehost with the same domain name they get error ” Domain is already registered  error #0847

If you are getting same error at googiehost the kindly follow these steps to get your account easily.

  • Login to your previous free hosting provider’s account
  • Delete your account with them
  • Now use that domain at googiehost
  • It will create your account without any error

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