Digital Ocean Spaces available for FREE upto 1TB

If am not wrong then you might already using Digital Ocean Droplets before, I have been using their services for private CDN and development purposes. If you compare Cloud Instances provider then there is very few competitors available which are matching their pricing and service quality.

What is Digital Ocean Spaces?

Well! many of us already using Google Drive or DropBox to store and share our files with our friends and office colleagues. DO Spaces is similar but more effective way to do that, now you can upload your files and share with anyone. The only difference is you get services at very low price as DO doing with their other products however there is no confirmation related to pricing till now, as of now its free of cost through October 31, 2017 (up to 1 TB of stored data).

Digital Ocean Spaces for Free

Benefits of Digital Ocean Spaces?

As I said you can store your data on CloudServers which can be accessible anytime and anywhere, it reduces data loss and let you keep your important data secure from malware threads. The most powerful tool for us is you can make your team to access data from particular directory so that it can be accessible only with your team members on realtime which increases productivity.

How to get Digital Ocean Spaces for FREE ?

Spaces is available on special invitation program only, I haven’t found any specific terms and conditions but you can only see Spaces option once your invitation is accepted.

Digital Ocean Invite Link

If you want to try this service without any cost, simply follow the instructions.

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