Do you really need Dedicated Server for Huge Traffic site?

One of the things, which every bloggers and internet marketers has to decide while choosing a hosting plan is whether or not to go with shared hosting or dedicated hosting. This is a crucial thing, which depends on a quite a lot of factors. Now, the reason why we are discussing this topic is because nowadays even blogs are getting a huge number of visitors, but when it comes to handling huge visitors on several occasions shared hosting plan doesn’t seem to get the job done.

The reason why most of the bloggers like to go with shared hosting is because of the price, which is comparatively low in respect to dedicated hosting. But, it is also a fact that dedicated hosting compromises of a dedicated server, which offers more storage and bandwidth. The big question is how someone should decide, whether to buy dedicated hosting or shared hosting. Now, before we jump into the conclusion, let us first understand what is shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

Shared hosting:- Small business and new blogs mostly run on Shared hosting plan, as already mentioned, the price of shared hosting plan is quite low. And, hence this kind of hosting plans includes enough bandwidth and storage to handle traffic for such sites.

Dedicated hosting:- If your blog or business is receiving around 100K visitors per day, and the number of visitors is  increasing at a fast pace, then, it’s better that you move your site from shared hosting to dedicated hosting. Now, some of you might disagree with that, but what you don’t know is that when we go for shared hosting, most of the companies claim to offer unlimited bandwidth and storage, however, they actually don’t offer unlimited bandwidth and storage, they do this advertisement because they know that your site will not be able to utilize the limit that has been set by them.

dedicated metal server hosting

When you move to dedicated hosting not only, you’ll have more control, but your site will also be able to handle more traffic, because unlike shared hosting, which handles multiple sites, dedicated hosting handles only one site at a time. In addition to that, your site will hardly face any kind of downtime issue. Now, this is a big concern because during those times, when your blog is getting a huge traffic  if your blog or website faces a lot of downtime issues, then, this is will not only decrease the traffic but it will also temper your blog’s reputation. And, this something, which no blogger will appreciate or like it to happen to them.

Anyways, here are some of the top reasons why you need a dedicated server for your huge traffic?

#Faster load time

People these days don’t have the time for a  page to get loaded properly, unless your page gets loaded within a time limit of 1 or 2 seconds, from the next time onwards chances are that the old visitors wouldn’t prefer visiting your site again. With being said, when you go with a dedicated server, you’ll not have to face such issues.

#Server load

If your site is receiving huge traffic per day, then, there are pretty big chances that your shared hosting server is taking some huge load, and ultimately what happens is your server slows down, which impacts on quite of lot of things, however, when you use a dedicated server for huge traffic, this kind of issues will not come up.


If you are concerned about your online business and its reliability, then, instead of going with shared hosting, you need to go with a dedicated server. The reason is quite simple, when you use a shared hosting, the company will ensure your site’s security, but if there is a breach, then you won’t be able to much about it. However, when you choose a dedicated server for your website, then, you will be able to customize and have full control of your site’s security, so, in short, you will be responsible for your site’s security.

Final thoughts:

Overall, in comparison to shared hosting, dedicated hosting seems to be more secure and reliable. Although it is more costly than shared hosting, but when it comes to  handling huge traffic and visitors, dedicated hosting seems to be a much better option.

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