Creating A Video Streaming Website?

Creating a Video Streaming Website

Many of you might have wanted to create a video streaming website but were not able to do because of the high cost of reliable servers. A video streaming website needs a server that has a good hardware configuration and in many cases you can only find this kind of hardware in a dedicated server. It is because videos that are continuously streamed from your website eat bandwidth at a very high rate and if you use a shared server then it might just not work for you.

But today many free web hosting providers are offering servers that have good hardware configurations. So is it possible to host a video streaming website on a free web host? Let’s find out.

What a Video Streaming Website needs?

To know if a free hosting server will work for you or not, we will first understand how the whole system works.

When a visitor visits a video streaming website the video on the server, upon the request the selected video is sent to the computer of the visitor. The speed of visitor’s internet connection makes it possible to watch the video without buffering. But it is not all, the upload speed of the server matters a lot than the download speed of visitor’s internet connection. And remember that the server not only has to send the video to one visitor but many. This creates a lot of pressure on server’s internet connection and its processor.

So, to make everything seamless the server needs to have a decent disk space to store the videos and a powerful, high speed backbone to manage the upload pressure.

Let me clear one thing, most of the free web hosting providers only provide shared hosting service. And the problem with shared hosting is that on a single server there are many website hosted. This increases the pressure to many folds.

Though there are some hosts that provide free VPS hosting service but they have many kinds of terms associated with that service.

Can caching help?

In one word “NO”. Caching only reduces the processing pressure it can’t increase the speed of internet connection. Though, some caching plugins thatare available for different CMS can compress the files (including video files) on the server to a certain level.

CDN: A possible life saver

There are many Content Delivery Networks available that provide free service. Cloudflare is one of them, though its network is not as dense as a premium service provider has but it works.

CDNs store a cached copy of your website on their multiple servers that are located around the world. Every server has its own assigned region. It divides the server pressure and to some extent reduces it.

But don’t totally rely on CDN servers as your files are not stored on CDN servers. They only store the code and all the media files are still retrieved from the original server.

Is there any other way?

Don’t get depressed there is a way for you that you can use to create a video streaming website on a free web host.

You might have heard of YouTube or Vimeo, if not then you should not be in video streaming business. You can upload your videos to these websites. And then use the embed code to link your videos to your video streaming website that is hosted on a free server.

What will happen now is that all the pressure will be transferred to the servers of YouTube or Vimeo. And as you know their servers are much powerful to manage that pressure easily.

So, this becomes an effective method of creating a video streaming website for free. But before you start uploading your videos blindly to websites like YouTube or Vimeo, be sure to read their terms and conditions.
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  1. I tried uploading my video to my website (which is hosted on Googiehost) but somehow the server keeps deleting it right away. Is this normal? I have to upload the video because it’s part of my website (the background to be precise). My code won’t work with Youtube or Vimeo links. It’s designed for actual video files.

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