How to create Free e-mail account under your domain in cPanel ?

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If you want to create professional e-mail accounts under your own custom domain name like or similar that then this topic is for you. I’ll guide you from the scratch about creating custom e-mail address in cPanel hosting. This procedure can be applied with most of the web hosting companies like GoDaddy, HostGator, BlueHost etc because they all based on cPanel.

Login to your cPanel:

To access your features set of your hosting account will need to login to your cPanel which can be usually access with this url or with your shared IP (hostname) 127.258.xx.xx:2083 and if you are using GoogieHost then it can be pull up with

Goto e-mail options:

After you get into your cPanel account locate ” E-mail Accounts” under e-mail section of your control panel, refer this image to get exact idea

cPanel e-mail accounts


Creating email accounts:

Now you will get the option to choose name to create your account under hosted domain name, provide required details and click on “Create Account” button to activate your e-mail account.

Create custom e-mail in cPanel


Please not that shadow is reserved name by system that means you can not create e-mail accounts like etc….

Access your Web Mail in cPanel:

Finally now you need to access you Web mail service to send and receive emails on created e-mail account. To access your web mail services To log in webmail, click on More next to the email account in question > Access Webmail:

Access your web mail from cPanel

In order to manage your e-mails you need to choose your favorite web mail application, currently cPanel offers  three integrated options

  1. Hourde
  2. RoundCube
  3. SquirrelMail

choosing Webmail application in cPanel

We got with roundcube, its my personal choice you may any of these, you can set as default any of them as well…

RoundCube Webmail Application


Now your e-mail account is ready to send or receive e-mails.

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