CPU limit Exceeded redirecting to googiehost main website

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If your website suddenly start redirecting to our main website or 404 error page, you may exceeded you daily CPU limit. We basically allow you 10-20% of CPU resources, if you website based on a huge CMS platform which usages lots of CPU resources then you may start getting the same error frequently.

How to determine you have exceeded your CPU limit? 

When your website redirecting to googiehost.com or 404 error page then its hard to figure it our that why this happening ? But there is a simple way to find out exact error, See the url carefully while your website redirecting to our page in address bar, you can easily find that url contain error code. ex http://googiehost.com/redirectingxxx.xxxx$xxxCPU_Limite_Exceeded

How to fix this error?

Well we reset your CPU limit in every 24 hours, after getting your website online again try to reduce your CPU usage files and configure your website with cloud flare.

Note: If you have any other query related to same issue please comment bellow to update this article.

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