cPanel Alternatives 2020 | After cPanel® price increase

cPanel Alternatives 2020: cPanel is the most used control panel in the Web Hosting industry for decades now, 27 June 2019 they have decided to release cPanel updated Pricing structures which going to cost more than X10 for those providing cheap web hosting on the same server.

Update: We decided to use DirectAdmin after cPanel increased their prices, It is 10th September 2019 we successfully migrated our all data from cPanel server to DirectAdmin it took approx a week to test and setup each and everything once again.

cPanel Old Vs New Pricing:

The previous license cost was pretty decent for medium and large scale business owners $20 for VPS and $45 for Bare Metal servers for unlimited cPanel accounts.

But unfortunately, this cPanel updated pricing is not applicable for any new licenses you will need to pay basis license cost + additional $0.20/account every month

If you already have a license with them then you will have 60 days time to make your decision to use them or switch to other options available in the market.

cPanel hiked license prices and small hosting companies will be affected most, Web Hosting price may increase in upcoming months Click To Tweet

Impact on Small Web Host

Sure, the guys who are doing it in their part-time and have a few systems all on some VPS that they are purchasing from some other company will feel the pinch. But the big guys who are throwing hundreds and thousands of accounts on the same servers? They won’t even bat an eye at this.

Medium size guys will have a panic over the next few months as they try to integrate and migrate customers over to cheaper or free offerings while at the same time updating their billing and contacting impacted customers but once the dust settles I doubt they will really lose much.

People respond to this

I can see the billing aspect being a pain in the ass and will require companies to change their offers in the next few months. cPanel will probably be dropped from a lot of subscriptions and instead will appear as an add-on that is billed on usage just like bandwidth usage.

Changes in GoogieHost

Like other web hosting companies, we will be affected the most as there, not even a single customer pays anything and yesterday team estimated the license cost which is about $17000 per month.

No doubt we do not have any plan to keep using cPanel we are in search to find other alternatives. Our system admins already in preparation to shift all accounts new panel before September 2019 with almost all features.

Which is a better Solution for Hosters?

cPanel Alternatives

We are very used to it, no customer like any other panel when it compares with cPanel however after this update small hosting organizations will have to switch and here is the list of the panel you may consider after cPanel…

List of popular cPanel Alternatives

  • Plesk (Not recommended as owned by the same company)
  • DirectAdmin (Recommended)
  • Interworx
  • ISPConfig
  • Webuzo
Rajesh Chauhan

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  • hello my friend is one of the people currently using my device or I currently have a problem, can log in to login to directadmin without your phone code, please help

  • hello my friend is one of the people currently using my device or I currently have a problem
    1: no public_html directory
    2: I tried to create but got an error like this: AN ERROR OCCURRED WHILE ATTEMPTING TO CREATE THE DIRECTORY
    A directory component in /home/...../public_html does not exist or is a dangling symbolic link

  • After CPanel change to Direct Admin i cannot access my host anymore. When i try login into direct admin it said my Username and Password is wrong. 😭😭😭

  • Hi Rajesh, I am one of your free plan customer. When I login to my services, there's a button Login to DirectAdmin, when I click, its not working, It timedout. Secondly, I need to ask that what would be my login credentials for DirectAdmin? is it the same as cpanel? I am just asking for it because I just came to know about this shift.

    • Yes, all the credentials will be the same as cPanel, we still doing minor changes on a regular basis because migrating thousands of accounts to a completely different platform is not an easy task for us.

      cPanel price HikecPanel new price list changes many things for us and some other companies as well, hope everything will be normal soon.

      • after changed from cpanel i cannot login into Direct Admin. I try to reset my password also failed. Please help me..

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