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Cloudways is a new innovative next generation and high-performance hosting platform. It is a cloud hosting service for you to operate your website on the cloud server. Unlike to the normal web hosting service, the Cloudways bring you completely different ways of using hosting service. Cloudways is smart technology which enables you to manage your hosting platform with regard to your requirements. And you will pay for those amount of service you used; there is also a free trial which will allow you to manage the whole system before you purchase them.

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And the best part is, you have got a total of six Affordable Cloud Hosting Platform in the Digital ocean cloud provider which you can choose according to your need in the service. All the six Cloud Hosting Platform has six different unique features which we will discuss it in details below-

Cloudways Partners

The Cloudways company is using the cloud server to host any website and currently the Cloudways is operates hosting on Digital ocean, Vultr, Amazon Web Service and Google cloud platform live. All the cloud hosting providers are created for efficient and user-friendly service. And having the most prominent feature as well as pricing of the cloud provider.

Depending on the different cloud platform the features also differs. So let us see the variation in the feature of the following the cloud provider-

Digital OceanDigital ocean is the first and cheapest cloud provider which is also the most popular among many users. It have the features like 99.9% uptime, Bandwidth with affordable price, scales always up and covering 7 global location.

Vultr- Vultre is the second cloud provider with features having 99.9% uptime, Bandwidth with affordable price, scales up and covering 14 global location

Amazon Web service- This is much more improved cloud provider having up to 99.999% uptime, Bandwidth which you can pay as you require, scales up and down and covering 9 global location

Google Cloud platform- here the platform are expensive while the quality is best having 99.99% uptime, pay as you need for bandwidth, scale up & down and covering 3 location.

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CloudWays Pricing and Features

Comparing with the other web hosting service, you will not only get the domain but also will have a personal cloud account for your website to manage the cloud hosting service. So according to the memory space, the platforms are categories- as discuss below

512MB Starter Plan

In this platform, you will receive up to 512MB RAM powered by 1 Core Processor and 20GB Storage.1TB Bandwidth unlimited installation whose price is only $5.00/month. And also you are getting the free trial facilities by which you get the trial version before buying it


This platform gives you 1GB RAM with 1 Core Processor and memory of 30GB Storage. The 2TB Bandwidth and unlimited installation; this platform will cost you up to $15.00/month. In this platform, you can also try for a free trial or get $30 free credit immediately after you purchase the platform.


This platform will give you 2GB RAM, 2 Core powerful Processor with 40GB memory for Storage along with 3TB Bandwidth and unlimited installation facilities, The estimated Price for this platform is $30.00/month. And also, you will receive a free credit of $30 on an immediate purchase.

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In the 4GB platform, you will get up to 4GB RAM, 2 Core powerful Processor along with 60GB memory for Storage. The Bandwidth are 4TB and unlimited installation facilities, The Price for this platform is $70.00/month. And there is a free credit of $30 on an immediate purchase.


This platform will give you 8GB RAM having 4 Core Processor with 40GB memory for Storage and 5TB Bandwidth and unlimited installation facilities; The Price for this platform is $140.00/month but no more Free credit on this purchase.


Features include 16GB RAM, 8 Core powerful Processor with 160GB memory for Storage along with 6TB Bandwidth and unlimited installation facilities, you can buy this platform at $280 per month. Such expensive platform only comes with a great feature with maximum space bandwidth and everything.

CloudWays Review Special

There is also an additional feature of these platforms which enables you to use or handle it very easily and perfectly.

24×7 Online Support

The free online support is the most important features we all need as if we are in trouble while operating or installing the service; the expert team are ready to help immediately.

Money Back Guarantee

There has not been any situation or unhappy customers but if you are not willing to continue the facilities; you can also get refund if you seek before 30 days of duration from the date of purchase.

Free & Paid Add-ons

You are also made available with the Email account which may be limited on free whereas unlimited on paid. There are many more Email Add-ons from which you can easily get buy one for your use.

CloudWays Managed Cloud Hosting
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CloudWays Review

So these are the important details about the CloudWays Cloud hosting service which will serve your website very genuinely. On purchase, you are getting facilities for either free trial or $30 Credit when bought immediately. So the choice is your; grab a good cloud hosting platform now. The price of the all the platform may differ in somewhat very dramatically but you will get the promising quality which will sure help you in most of the day in the future.

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