CloudFlare configuration tutorial with Video



We receive numbers e-mails that many of our clients facing slow website loading speed, we all know that loading speed of your website or blog directly impact on your search engine visibility and bounce rate. If you wish to speed up with CloudFlare configuration free CDN optimization then you are at right place.

What is CloudFlare?

CloudFlare is beyond the normal CND optimization tools available on the internet because it has lots of features and application which can make your website supercharged, more secure and reliable for everyone. They have free and premium plans but if you are newbie we highly recommend you to go with free plan to start up and testing purpose because even free package has enough features to test and analyze their services.

How to configure CloudFlare with your existing website?

Signup for CF (CloudFlare):

Before you start you need to create an account with them which is really easy, Goto and out correct  your details and register, you don’t even need to confirm your e-mail address but always keep in mind to provide an active and correct communication details to receive notification about your website status.

Provide your domain name:

After you logged in to your CF account you will asked to provide domain name which you want to configure with them. Give domain name and click “Add- Website” now you have to wait for 30 seconds to analyze your existing DNS records by CloudFlare. After 30 Seconds a continue button will appear just hit that “Continue” button to proceed.

Confirm your DNS records:

It will show you all of your existing DNS records added with your domain or hosting account, please take a look that every record available over there, if not add them manually and confirm.

Select Plan and features to be enabled:

Now you can see Pro $20/mo selected by default you need to select Free $0/mo from drop down menu. Choose these options in other fields

Security Profile: Select Medium as you security profile as your website is not much popular or its depends on your choice.

Performance profile: We highly recommend you to choose “CDN+Basic Optimizations

Now you are almost done click on “Continue” button for next process.

Change your name servers:

After selecting your features and plans CF will give you new name servers for your domain name. Now you need to login to your domain control panel and update your domain name with new name servers. Don’t forget to delete your previous name servers configured with your name servers.

Retest for propagation:

Well wait for 5 minutes after changing your name servers, don’t worry in these five minutes your website will not down or slow. As you can see in above video you need to Re-test button to confirm your propagation with CF. If you found green check button instead of cross red button after your domain name that shows you are done.


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