Most Important Things Before Choose Free Web Hosting Provider in 2021

Free Web Hosting in 2021: When it comes to unlimited free web hosting Provider many new users, make mistakes, which lead them to issues later on.

Usually, people get discouraged, and then they hesitate to make a better judgment.

It’s easy to find free web hosting with cPanel, but there are plenty of other things that come into play, if you don’t know much about it,

then you are guaranteed to waste your time.

If you are for looking for free web hosting for small business, then unlimited free web hosting is right for you to need.

Things to Ask From a Free Web Hosting Provider

But, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself and the hosting company free web hosting Provider, which we are going to tell you.

Do you offer Free Web Hosting? (No hidden charges)

If you think about life, no one gives you anything for free, unless he or she has a specific motive that helps them to take back.

Choose Free Web hosting
Choose a Free Web Hosting

The same theory applies to the companies, what’s that catch behind free hosting without ads?

As we all know that many hosting companies make money by advertising or force you to upgrade premium package, right?

The hosting companies even have free website hosting for students,

So, you better know how they are funding the servers because running a server cost a lot of money.

Do you have to pay a set-up fee for new hosts?

You might hear it once in your life about the set-up cost, which usually comes at a high price.

When you go for a Choose Free Website Hosting or Unlimited Free website hosting plan, it may come with a set-up cost that could make one of the monetization methods, which companies use.

Your inquiry about the set-up cost or any hidden cost via email or toll-free number,

if you don’t get any reply from the company, then research that specific company, we recommend you to check out reviews for a clearer picture.

What about website security? (SSL certificates)

Currently, many web hosting companies are providing free SSL certificates for life, which is an amazing service that saves you plenty of money.

Free Website Hosting Provider cannot give you a Dedicated SSL Certificate that is accepted by Google,

Choose Free Web Hosting
Free Web hosting with cPanel

But they are good enough for blogs, business websites, informational sites, and more.

NameCheap & Bluehost are paid hosting, who are providing SSL certificate, in free website hosting provider Googiehost are providing free SSL certificate.

Number of Sites on Free Web Hosting Server?

Limitations are something, which comes with every free web hosting with free domain,

which is why you better check it out before you waste your time on a hosting company,

which does not give you more than single domain free web hosting with cPanel.

We have seen many free hosting providers, who don’t mention the number of websites you can add to one account.

What will be the backup support?

If I were you, then this would be the first thing I would have asked because websites are nothing,

But files, which are saved on an unlimited free web hosting, free hosting providers delete the account without your consent.

000WebHost does ban many accounts without any consent; then they don’t even reply to the ticket raised, after a while, the ticket will be closed without any answer.

It is important to know whether the free hosting company provides backup when the account is ACTIVE & INACTIVE.

The reason why we mentioned INACTIVE because when the company shuts-down your account, then you will lose all files.

If they let you download files or back-up, then you can restore your site without any issues.

Do you have any incentive Affiliate Program?

Every website grows eventually, isn’t that true? It is important to have free web hosting Affiliate program,

Where every existing user can get a chance to make a few dollars out of their recommendations.

Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing

Each customer adds value to the company, and the users who are playing a crucial to the addition should be compensated.

Only a few free hosting companies like to accommodate their existing users with credits, so you better check that option before signing and moving your website.

Availability of Free Web Hosting Clients Support?

More than 90% of the Free web hosting provider does not provide any support because of several professional reasons.

You cannot blame the company because when they have more than unpaid 500 new sign-ups a day,

then you cannot expect them to put up a team that can answer 1,00,000 calls in a month, right?

Only paid hosting companies can invest in it because they do not lack funds at all.

However, few free website hosting provider offer email support and you are guaranteed to get a reply from the support team within 24-hours.


You cannot expect much from the free web hosting companies, but make sure to check the support option,

or else you are doomed later on because you cannot resolve a server technical problem from your end.

Let, us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. Support is the top priority even if one is going to use a free web hosting service. Most of the free hosting providers are not offering live customer support because they never hired even a sales person to answer customer’s pre-sale questions.

    If a FREE hosting service provider is offering you live chat support, go and get it as soon as possible.

    This feature of not terminating the user account directly but changing its status to INACTIVE is very nice. At-least someone will not lose data and will be able to migrate to any other paid hosting package.


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