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7 Tips How to Choose Domain Name For Your Business

Domain name is an essential factor for every business. The World Wide Web has to become an extensive collection of websites. Every industry prefers to make history and add unforgettable value to the customers or clients. You cannot make an impact on people unless you have a domain name worth remembering it.

There are many best website names in the world, and several cool website names have already taken by someone. And, remember, there are a few names that you can use for your business. Companies can sue you under trademark infringement, so you have to be careful.

  1. Keep it ShortDomain Name

It might sound basic, but this is one of the major mistakes many business people make while selecting a domain name. If you have an established business, then there is no point in arguing.


  1. Yes, you have to keep the domain name short.
  2. It helps people to remember short domain names. You can take YouTube & YouStable for example, and it is one of the easiest words to remember.
  3. A simple name can help you gain more customers in the long run.

A human being tries to remember names that are simple & short when they are in need of the service or product. You have to ensure that the website domain is short.

  1. Use KeywordsDomain Name

We know that using keywords for your business name or a blog seems quite a nuisance. However, if your strategy includes website traffic and lead generation, then a keyword in the domain name can come in handy.

For example, let’s take any website that using the business keyword. I am assuming that you are starting a new blog or company name ideas or brand name ideas.

  1. We have a website here that uses “Content Creator” word in the domain.
  2. The business nature is content writing & video content creation.
  3. Increasing organic traffic from search engines & driving to the website blog posts.
  4. For example, “10 Video Content Creating Ideas” is a blog post.
  5. Now, they have Content Creator +.Blog top-level domain in the entire domain name. However, the domain does not help you when the title & topic is “How to add webmail to Windows 10 Mail App” unrelated.

As you can see above, the search engine will check the quality of the content, and it takes the domain name in the account. Make sure that your content is related to your industry.

  1. It will put your website in the right position. It can add tremendous value to your business by making an impression on the reader’s mind. Your clients & visitors will remember the domain very quickly.
  2. Target Your Area

We know that businesses are different in nature. If your business is local, then you should consider adding State, City, and Area name in the domain name.

For example Infinix Mobiles Service Centre Dilsukhnagar (Dilsukhnagar is a city name in Hyderabad).

Remember, you can also add domain name as well.

  1. Avoid Numbers And HyphensDomain Name

We have seen that several websites in the filed add numbers and hyphens in the domain name.

For example, eBay. In shut down in India after the stock sold to Walmart.

Now, Walmart decided to add refurbished phone market, and they selected top-level domain. Unfortunately, several small business owners encouraged to add a number to the domain.

We strongly suggest small business owners, bloggers, and portal founders to avoid using the best numbers and hyphen in the best website names.

  1. Use An Appropriate Domain Name Extension

    Domain Name

Usually, everyone selects top-level domain dot com. Every domain extension has a meaning to it, and we will explain the popular extension meanings.

Dot Com: Commercial.

Dot Net: Network.

Dot Org: Organisations.

Dot Blog: Blog or Blogging.

Dot Me: Personal blogs and for individuals.

Dot Info: Information.

We recommend you to buy .com, .net, .info, .blog, .org, and .me domain extension. You don’t want your competitor to use any of these popular extensions.

  1. Brandable Domainchoose domain name

We recommend you to buy .com, .net, .info, .blog, .org, and .me domain extension. In case, if you want to create a brandable website, then it is important to get the brandable top-level domain.

  1. First, check if someone else has the domain name.
  2. Always buy multiple domain extensions as mentioned above.
  3. You have to check domain history. It doesn’t matter if the domain is new and available.

Allow us to show you how you can check domain registration history.

  1. Check Domain HistoryDomain Name

Step 1: First, take any domain name into account.

Step 2: Google Domain Age Checker tool. Type the domain name including HTTP:// and click on “check domain age.”

Step 3: It is surprising, but recently expired domains provide you with interesting information.


You can use Wayback Machine to find out about the website content on the website.

It’s a fantastic tool that we use occasionally and you can learn a lot about the domain extension.

  1. Avoid Trademark InfringementDomain Name

If you are in the United States of America, then the companies can sue you over trademark infringement. The copyright & trademarks are registered. If you break the trademark infringement, then the companies can sue you without any notices.

Make sure you avoid trademark infringement.

For example, GoogieHost barely escaped a lawsuit & domain ban by the Google.

The domain name Google & GoogieHost has a sound similar. The customers or visitors may assume Google Hosting, and it can cause problems, right?

You can read on the GoogieHost, and they spoke about the issue on the site. The generous Google Inc accept the website, and it is running successfully today.

Remember, these companies don’t care if you have made a mistake unknowingly or intentionally. You can get sued by the trademark & registered companies.


No matter what domain name you select, but make sure that you have a clear picture of objectives & current goals. Always plan for long-term because the domain value increases with age. Let us know your thoughts on How to Choose Domain Name For Your Business in the comment section below.

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