Changing PHP Version On Shared Hosting Servers

Change The PHP version of your shared hosting server
Expert Contributor Rajesh Chauhan

At GoogieHost you get multi PHP support for free. This tutorial shows how GoogieHost shared hosting customers can change the PHP version of their installation. PHP version change can be needed in cases where a script, a programming language or a protocol demands for a specific version for proper functioning.

We will be using PHP Selector functionality of the cPanel for this purpose.

Step 1:

Open a web browser and login to the cPanel of your hosting account.

Step 2:

Under the Software section, click on Select PHP Version option. This will open a new page.


Step 1

Step 3: 

Choose your desired PHP version from the select option and click on Set As Current button.


Step 2


After selecting a PHP version other than the native one, you will be presented with individual settings. After making changes, if any, click on the Save button at the bottom.


PHP Version Module

Few Things To Take Care Of:

Make sure you have selected the right PHP version before hitting the Set As Current button. Replicate the custom values of php.ini file (only if used) with PHP Selector tool.

Thanks for using this tutorial.

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