How to change Direct Admin skin/theme?

How to change Direct Admin skin/theme: Skin and Theme are default layout and background colour settings for Direct Admin Users. Generally, Skins are managed by Resellers.

Change Direct Admin skin: DirectAdmin Skin Manager

Login to Direct Admin Control Panel as Reseller

  • Navigate to Reseller Tools > Skin Manager
DirectAdmin Skin Manager

All available skins are listed. The skin that is current is in user is marked as “Current” besides the skin name

If you facing any error during Create Database on Direct Admin, then follow these simple steps. Login to Direct Admin & MySQL Management & Create New Database.

How do you change the admin skin
  • Click on Pencil Icon at the right side of the skins to customize the skins, layouts, colours, Logo etc.
How to change control panel skins in Direct Admin
  • Navigate Back to Skin Manager
  • Check any skin to apply the skin either to currently logged-in User, All Users, Set Globally and Delete the skin
Change Control Panel Skin in Direct Admin

Further new Skins can upload and into Direct Admin Control Panel. To upload new skins, click on “Upload Skin” Button at top right corner.

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