Cannot match TDL against know list New Domains Issues

In last 1 year more than 300 new domain extension launched and to add them to our database its required full updates thats why its not that simple for us. If you are using new TDL like .club, .firm, .ceo,, etc then you may get error

Appears to be a DNS hostname but Cannot match TDL against know list

Appears to be local network name but local network names are not allowed

If you are getting this error while you are trying to add your own custom domain name then unfortunately you can not use that domain extension in our free web hosting for the moment.

Possible Solution:

As its not possible to use these domains in Parked or Addon domain option however if you still wish load your website hosted on googiehost with that domain name then you may follow these simple steps….

  1. Create or Host your website under our sub-domains
  2. Make your website Live
  3. Forward your domain name to sub-domain for your website

Note: We are working on these errors and fix them soon as possible, our team will add these features for you however as already stated we don’t have exact time frame for this upgrade.

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