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News from Canada! Exclusive launch of .ca Domain Backordering platform.

With the latest updates, Canada came up with something new, that is .ca domain Backordering platform. The launch of this new tool will help Canadians to register valuable.CA domain names by the time they expire and make them available to the general public through a process called TBR(To be released).

Domain backorder is a process through which you can request and in due course, secure these domains for your own use.

Often in a week, many previously owned .CA domain names expire and become available for registration by new users who own these domains, through the process of TBR (to be released) Domains Drop.

Some of the domains that drop during TBR are extremely valuable and represent a great opportunity to obtain a unique domain name for a new business project to start or to invest in a domain at a bargain price.

Ca Domain Backordering

Those who are experienced domain investors know that they should raise a low bid during the auction process, then sell them at high prices to individual buyers, thereby making significant profits. They can also set stations for popular domains and run ads on them.

 WHC’s founder and CEO, Emil Falcon explains, “With over 3 million active .CA domain registrations, finding an available Canadian domain name for your business is becoming more challenging,”. He also says, ”Before today, .CA domains did not have a single platform that could be used to confidently secure expiring domains. Our new Backordering platform aims to change that.”

WHC’s Domains Product Manager Frank Michlick says,“regularly wins more requested domains than other providers, with an average success rate above 70%,” which makes it unique.

“Our .CA backorder system is the most advanced platform of its kind, and thanks to continuous R&D investments and ongoing development of our domain management platform, we have plenty more improvements on the way,” he says.

WHC’s Backordering platform can be used to bid on domains that drop every Wednesday exactly at 2PM EST. Entry bids start at $20, which includes the cost of a 1-year domain registration.

One more facility the common users get is that they don’t have to pay for anything, unless they finally win the domain.

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