Top Bulk SMS service provider in India 2021: Trusted Review

Does Your Business Need Bulk SMS Services?

Bulk Messaging is useful in all kinds of business and utilised by them to reach a wider audience in a personal manner.

People use it to launch campaigns, promote offers and grow their business in addition to being the primary way of contacting the customers.

How much is Bulk SMS Service Provider in India Necessary in 2021?

It's as much important as it was in 2019, 2018, 2017… So on, and for that matter sending texts in bulk is as much crucial as it was when they first launched it in good old days.

For the above-listed advantages of Bulk Messaging, which still hold true in the new year of 2021,

every business aims to get the personal caller ID of the customer and be connected to them as closely as possible.

Top Bulk SMS Service Providers

Now we know why we need to sign up for a bulk messaging service, we are down to browsing the top SMS service providers.

We've tried to make this easier for you, and we've done a little homework here.

Scroll steadily and read slowly as we go through the best services for you, one of them might be the one you end up easing for years!


I am using TextLocal service for my own another brand YouStable Technologies with WHMCS Billing panel and it was pretty easy to integrate.

They have proven as the best SMS channel partner for our business because according to my personal experience everything

seems reasonable to them like SMS Pricing, Delivery Quality, API Options, White Leveling etc.

YouTube video
Top Bulk SMS service provider in India 2021: Trusted Review
Text local

Key Features

  • Easy to send campaigns as SMS, schedule them, easy to customize the campaigns in more than twenty languages.
  • A lot more than just SMS, you can attach your documents, images and videos, etc.
  • Get real-time analytics and reports after every click.
  • Customize and create vouchers, surveys or forms, and tickets right here in TextLocal web portal. You don’t need different software for that.
  • Fast API integration.
  • Track Leads.
  • Customers are just one text away from you and Receive Missed Calls.
Top Bulk SMS service provider in India 2021: Trusted Review


TextLocal makes it easier to integrate API, with tutorial types of sample codes.

A good thing about TextLocal is that with API, you can use it for sending promotional campaigns, offers, most anticipated deals or get your customers to book in advance.

After every payment, you can confirm it via an SMS to customers.

Most big sites allow their customers to track their products which you can do with Bulk SMS API and provide your customers with real-time updates.

Actually, you can programme your site to provide your clients with whichever features they need.

Top Bulk SMS service provider in India 2021: Trusted Review

Whatsapp Business API

Users now like better customer experience, similar to the way they text their family or friends.

Once done with API integration with Whatsapp, your customers can deal with you and text someone else at the same time.

Top Bulk SMS service provider in India 2021: Trusted Review
Whatsapp Business API

Using Whatsapp API comes loaded with special features, a few of them being:

  • Powerful bots to help customers and answer FAQs.
  • Send notifications, service updates, and collect feedback.
Top Bulk SMS service provider in India 2021: Trusted Review

Plans and Price

Paying on TextLocal for Bulk SMS service is simple and very flexible.

It is a platform, always free to use for, to start with, and you can go on and pay for whichever service you want to use.

You can buy:

  • Dedicated long codes,
  • Business keywords on long codes,
  • Dedicated short codes and,
  • Business keywords on shortcodes.

The setup is free!

As of now, we have used over 5 lakh SMS with them and it was really amazing experience because we have converted over new 1000 customers to our business and bulk messaging service helped us a lot into achieving this target.

1000 Free Bulk SMS (Referral)

If you are interested in SMS services from TextLocal then there is an option to get 1000 FREE CREDIT by inviting yourself from this Invitation Page.

  • Enter Your Email ID, Name and Message in the form
  • Invite yourself by clicking “SEND” button
  • You will receive an email
  • Follow the link and register yourself with the same
  • You will get additional credit when you Top-up your account.
TextLocal Referral Program


This is another trusted SMS provider based in India, MSG91 used by many big companies such as Policy Bazar, Honda IAMAL etc.

I have a Start-Up account with them and it's working really great for me however my SMS account with MSG91 working with

API only am not able to send SMS directly from the dashboard but yeah I can say the delivery quality is really fast and accurate.

Top Bulk SMS service provider in India 2021: Trusted Review

Some Key Features

  • Many tools are available on SaaS platform to add them as add on for effective reach and connectivity with customers.
  • Two-factor authentication for your clients using OTP for signups and payments.
  • Fast integration via the plug-ins and the library provided already.
  • And finally get the analytics, support and help in just a chat way.
Top Bulk SMS service provider in India 2021: Trusted Review

The best thing is you don’t have to wait for Sender ID approval, all you have to do is define your desired SenderID at the time of sending SMS and it will be using the same.


The prices are not very expensive with plans. It is actually cheaper if you are considering sending many SMS, like a lot many in bulks.

Top Bulk SMS service provider in India 2021: Trusted Review

Unfortunately, I don’t find their pricing affordable because of additional service tax but if the budget doesn’t really matter for you then you should give them a try and promote your business.


Okey! Finally, am going to share my worst experience in SMS promotion,

I started my account with BhashSMS in 2014 as a reseller and sold about 15 accounts to my clients with 3 lakh

credit but after few days we started getting complaints from our customers related to messages not getting delivered.

We decided to test their service personally before selling another customer.

We set up 5 campaigns including 50+ own numbers and the result was surprising, we haven’t received 90% messages even on DND numbers and

the worst thing is that they disabled automatic NON-DND refund system, that means if you send SMS to

DND numbers using promotional route you will be charged but SMS wouldn’t deliver.

My Account manager Surjit tried to resolve the issue many times but nothing worked for me,

we decided to quit the service and initiate a refund to our customers. BhashSMS cost is Rs50000 as loss because we had to refund many customers due to bad service.

Top Bulk SMS service provider in India 2021: Trusted Review


  • 18 hours of customer support every day of the week.
  • There is a guarantee of money back.
  • The site claims to ensure 100% security of data.


The prices are flexible and there is everything for everyone, though I’m not sure If I’d be using the term affordable.

Top Bulk SMS service provider in India 2021: Trusted Review


Fast2sms is another rich featured Bulk SMS service. It has a lot to offer and services worth to check out.

21st July 2011, Fast2sms was launched in India. It's very simple and easy to use and that is how it got so popular nationwide.

Today, Fast2sms is used by schools and organizations to send a single SMS to many users. It is good for NGOs, enterprises, institutes to send information and promotional campaigns.

Fast2sms has also become a way to earn money online. For that, you need to subscribe to youtube channel Sidtalk,

Earn fast2sms coupons, and redeem the credits you’d get there. Becoming a Fast2sms affiliate is a good approach to making cash online.


  • Bulk messaging and OTP SMS, SMS for promotions and multimedia.
  • You can customize and schedule the messages.
  • App Programming Interface
  • For a start-up, developers, corporate, education and individuals.
Top Bulk SMS service provider in India 2021: Trusted Review


Talking about Bulk Messaging services, Making an account on Fast2sms is free.

The prices are pretty decent and you get Rs. 50 credit when you sign up. The plans start from Rs. 10,

the messages are forever available to read later and the account is unlimitedly valid so that's probably a good thing.

Fast2SMS has launched these new special features which might interest you.

  1. It made retrying failed SMS easier and you can do it with different operators.
  2. Before sending messages, it is now possible to preview and save them.
  3. For beginners and to help you explore new tricks and methods, there are tutorial lessons in Hindi and English.


Top Bulk SMS service provider in India 2021: Trusted Review


  • Freekasms has all the typical features such as:
  • Bulk Messaging
  • Easy API integration
  • Instant Delivery
  • Sender ID in seconds


Bulk messaging service pricing is quite fair in FreekaSMS. However, you get the free demo as a trial period.

As FreeKaSMS homes in India, it’s headquarters might just happen to be in your town and that is the reason for its prices being a

little less expensive than TextLocal and other foreign Bulk SMS provider companies.

Now that I’ve listed down a little about the features and the prices, let’s talk about if you should get it.

Top Bulk SMS service provider in India 2021: Trusted Review

For an Indian businessman, it's more probable that FreeKaSMS is more suited to your needs.

India is a developing country and the economy and the market witnessed a huge difference in what people need from

the businesses and how they see and respond to offers and campaigns.

The low prices can be a bonus point while the benefit of unlimited sender Ids is a little ambiguous.

You get to send from different sender Ids which surely means a lot of options.

However, the company allows small businesses to send by the same sender Ids in their 30 days free trial period. But hey, 30 days free trial is for you too, right?

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Paarth Chauhan
Paarth Chauhan
5 months ago

Nice Blog. Thanks for telling me about Bulk SMS Service, and Why this is necessary for Business promotion ?. This is very helpful information

1 year ago

I wonder! why didn’t you mention Twilio?

1 year ago

This is awesome one
-Thank you

2 years ago

I have used MSG91 ‘s SMS package for my startup. Even though the primary attraction was their free bulk sms package offered for startups like me, what i rather like is their prompt SMS delivery and good post sales support though i am yet to test their complete services (for ex promotional SMS features and its application) I can be sure MSG91 is worth a party to consider for your next business.

2 years ago

Human beings are greedy and bash sms take advantage of that by placing low price. None of our sms got delivered, they do not even refund. I have moved to a different sms provider Spring Edge.