Why Bloggers should have ResellerClub Account

Today I am going to tell you why Bloggers should have resellerclub account instead of buying domains from GoDaddy, BigRock etc.

Now days every blogger owned more than 3 domain names and these domains are much popular and valuable for them.

But only couple of you really take your domain's security seriously.

I have seen that newbies prefer to register domains from GoDaddy because they offer the lowest price at the lowest price on first-year registration,

But have you ever compared renewal charges and add-on services comes with your domain names?

I damn sure you haven't…

Its time to care about your domain name and think before buying domain names instead of getting your own ResellerClub account today

Cheap Domain Registration + Renewal

We usually pay about $5-10 for first year registration and $10-$25 on renewal but if you have domain reseller account

then you can get huge discount on domain registration and renewal as well.

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Free Thief Protection

I remember that one my friend on facebook Sujoy Dhar's domain was transferred by another guy without permission,

this add-on allows you to protect your domain name from unauthorized domain transfer even they have your transfer code.

Domain Forwarding

I hardly found this add-on in any other domain registrars, domain forwarding allows you drive your domain traffic to another website without parking

It in your hosting account as many web host allows you only limited domain parking.

Other Free Add-ons

Free Email Account, Bulk Tools, DNS Management, Easy to use Control Panel and Unlimited Mail Forwards.

How much cost a Domain Reseller account?

Well indirectly its free of charge however you need to load $25 (Rs1500) in your account to get your reseller ID activated.

This amount can be used to order new domain from your reseller account.

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