Best way to get Free .com domain Name with Free Hosting

Best way to get Free .com domain Name with Free Hosting: We think it’s safe to say that Free .com domain and Free CloudFlare Alternative CDN for WordPress has become much more affordable than it was back in the days.

However, that does not mean many of the users can afford the services because those numbers are huge who want to get their site online and choose the best domain name for your business.

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But, only a few of them can make it far, and the number of reasons is many, but they all stuck in one spot, and it’s the financial end.

Every year more than a billion people are connecting and getting access to the Internet so they can learn and implement their ideas online. As many of you know that domain names are much cheaper than they use to be.

Best way to get free .com Domain Name?

We are going to tell you how you can acquire a free .com domain name, but remember no one offers anything for free of cost.

Now you need to understand that a domain name comes at a price, which a company cannot pay because its actual money and nobody can invest in it.

There’s always a catch behind free domain offers, where companies are trying to make money off these offers, and you cannot blame them because they cannot give out domains for free of charge.


Use our domain checker to find the perfect name for your website and register it instantly with our free domain name registration 👉 👉

These companies are reputed, but they try to get their money back by getting you buy something even more expensive or offer you a reasonable package. We will avoid shady offers and move on to reasonable & value-added offers.

1. GoogieHost


The moment you read Googie host, you imagine that we are promoting ourselves, but read till the end.

GoogieHost has a fair deal for the users, where the company is offering you a free .com domain, Free SSD VPS TRIAL Hosting with cPanel when you give them sales.

How does this work?

  1. Refer the GoogieHost domain to any of friends, but you need 10 ACTIVE referrals, and you get a free .com domain.
  2. If you want to get five years of domain validity, then you must have 20 ACTIVE referrals.

It is a fair deal that no other company is offering. You get a fair shot to get a free .com domain from a company like GoogieHost.

Basic Terms

  1. Signups under your referral link will count as active referrals who have a complete website and getting 25 visits per day
  2. Users from India, US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands will be counted as your referrals other countries will ignore
  3. Domain will move to your account within 7 working days after application
  4. We do required login details of your control panel on the renewal request
  5. You can not renew the same domain for more than 1 years within 90 days

Note: We are authorized to change our terms anytime and we can refuse your reward request on any kind of suspect detected by our team. You are requested to be honest to claim your reward.

2. BlueHost


Just because you have not heard of it, it doesn’t make the BlueHost useless. They are reputed, and they have been around for a very longtime and WordPress themselves have recommended hosting site.

So, they are offering a .com domain for life, if you buy a hosting package from them.

The hosting account plans are reasonable and do not break you value, but it does save you a lot of money in the domain name itself.

3. AwardSpace


To let the users know that we have never tested AwardSpace, so we don’t know about much about their real-time usage.

The company is offering one free .com domain name along with the hosting plan. The interesting part is that they are offering a .com domain at $54.84, which includes the hosting account “Web Pro Plus.

You can acquire the domain and also a hosting account which is full-featured, but the price is a little high if you compare the plans.

It all boils down to your needs, if your requirements are bigger, then a hosting plan like Awardspace is needed, or else, you can move on.


There are many other companies offering similar plans, but they are shady and does not fit on the quality list. We can tell you that there is no way a company would give a .com domain extension for zero charges.

You have to earn the extension one or other way that is what Googiehost has done, which many other reputed forms have failed to so.

I hope you will know how we can get a free domain name from the free hosting providers, if you have any doubt please ask our hosting experts they will reply to you as soon as possible.

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Rajesh Chauhan

GoogieHost is one of the leading free web hosting provider on the internet over 300000 satisfied clients across the globe. We also offer Affordable SEO Web Hosting and Digital Marketing service to give give wings to your online business. Unlimited FREE HOSTING.

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