TOP 5 Best Free WordPress Theme 2021 { GeneratePress Added}

I have listed down several aspects to keep in mind while selecting a WordPress theme.

Now, we are going to suggest a few to assist the readers or administrators in starting working on the dream project.


1. GeneratePres WordPress Theme

We have tested over 200 WordPress themes in 2019 on our client's website and most of them were good.

We have delivered a few websites over GeneratePress WP theme (Free and Paid Versions),

our development team is quite impressed with the features and performance with this template.

TOP 5 Best Free WordPress Theme 2021 { GeneratePress Added}

The theme is very light less than 15KB zipped version however if you download it with the premium add-ons then it's approx 300KB zipped version.

2. Sydney

free wordpress theme

Themes developed Sydney theme several years ago, and it is a popular option.

I have tested Sydney WordPress for business purposes, and it does fulfil basic aspects of the business site.

A theme played well here by crafting the free version for basic customers, and there is a PRO version as well.

The premium version comes with advanced features and editing options, which is useful for growing sites.

3. Flash

free wordpress theme

Theme Grill developed Flash WordPress theme.

It is a multi-purpose website theme designed for a wide range of requirements. You can start working on the real estate WordPress theme or edit a WordPress restaurant theme.

The Drag & Drop builder makes it easier to edit the site functions. Customers can add 18+ different widgets to the website, and select multiple colours as well.

The developers do not restrict the customers with footer links, and you can edit the footer copyright with the inbuilt editor as well.

You have call-to-action, logo, Instagram slider, Team widget, Portfolio, and more.

4. Shopera

free wordpress theme

Just Free Themes developed a responsive WordPress theme called “Shopera” for avid and modern online shops.

It is a free premium WordPress theme for online stores with great design. The minimalist appearance can add greater joy to the shoppers.

The major drawback would be the updates because the developers did not even touch “Shopera” since 2015.

It has been a long time since the developers released an update. A combination of great design + online stores functions + easy to navigate the site.

5. Spacious

free wordpress theme

Theme Grill developed Spacious WordPress theme, and more than 50,000+ sites are currently running it.

Thousands of people downloaded the theme for their projects, and it is a multi-purpose minimalist WordPress theme.

Theme Grill is popular for adding multiple functions such as fun facts widgets, featured widget, SEO,

browser compatible themes, speed optimization, advanced typography, and more. The developers do not restrict the users from adding a new colour to the site.

Every business and portal is different, so the inbuilt colour feature enables the users to add various colours to the site.

Spacious WordPress theme comes in free (Free Version is 1.6.1) edition and premium (Pro Version is 2.2.8) edition.

6. News Portal

free wordpress theme

Mystery Themes developed News Portal WordPress theme for the freebie community. “Mystery” developers did such a good job with frequent updates and Retina ready site design.

The responsive design comes with a wide range of colour scheme options, and you can add colours to the categories as well.

The News Portal specifically designed for Blogs and it offers five different layouts for administrators.

The five-plus widgets can assist the administrators in customizing the site, and there is an inbuilt customizer as well.

The developers did not miss SEO out of the equation, and it does impact the overall site loading performance.

The responsive design and SEO optimized design does not bottleneck the site at all.

Best free WordPress themes are probably the suitable option to go and avoid the nulled version of the premium themes.

Several portals have come forward to offer the best free WordPress themes for the masses.

The community of third-party developers is introducing new stunning templates in the market for free. You can find hundreds of minimalist WordPress themes without adding a credit card in the cart.

What are the Essentials to look at while selecting a Theme?

Okay, we have free templates in the web market, but are they worth trying?

All right, the web developers do not eliminate the basic functions out of the box. The basic features are available in every free WordPress themes, and no one is going to eliminate it.

The limitations of free WordPress blog themes might kicks in, but we are going to suggest full-functional sites.

Key Features and Functionality

Best free WordPress themes must and should have key features to make it worth trying.

New administrators of the sites do not want to invest a lot of money on a real estate WordPress theme.

We have seen companies trying to sell the limited version of the themes and forcing the administrators to upgrade to apply a specific feature.

Site administrators have requirements, and the third-party theme developers list down the features.

Of course, you cannot expect advanced features from the WordPress templates.

You might have to upgrade the free premium WordPress themes to enable the desired function.

  • Your requirements are key features in WordPress templates.
  • Performance of the website. Always check the speed and performance or the loading speed increases gradually.
  • Double-check, whether the basic functions are available or not.
  • Some free premium WordPress themes might come with limitations, so double-check.

Do not compromise on requirements because it is a unique aspect of a business or a site.

User Reviews & Ratings

Best free WordPress themes often noticed by reviewers and thousands of downloads are common.

Many reviewers like ourselves are looking for free WordPress themes that add value to the customers or administrators.

Free WordPress blog themes are popular among the community, and it is an important aspect of the Content Management System.

In our opinion, a true reviewer is the one, who has tested the WordPress templates for business in real-time.

No one can replicate the experience, and it is one of the reasons, why user reviews are valuable in the market.

The upside and the downside of the product unveil when a newbie starts working on the WordPress restaurant theme.

A real-time experience can impact positively and negatively, and both side stories can be seen in a user review.

Usually, free eCommerce WordPress themes get plenty of ratings on the web market.

Millions of people make up their mind to purchase the product from the market after a quick look at the ratings. A rating is short of information on Like and Dislike the product.

There is a popular saying “One word is enough to describe a commodity.”

Always pay attention to the rating for quicker information, and read user reviews to understand the story behind it.

Developer Support and Frequent Updates

I consider that every product or service must have two things.

Developer Support: MUST.

Frequent Updates: MUST.

Best free WordPress themes are incomplete without proper support and updates.

A site may come across several loopholes and bugs, and it is one of the common aspects of code-based products.

A responsive developer can resolve the issue in a matter of hours because they know the product very well.

One of the best WordPress themes Newspaper had a loophole, which privacy invaders used it to an extent.

The “Newspaper” developer’s quick response to the attack led to frequent updates that put an end to the privacy invasion via loopholes.

The best free WordPress themes cannot lack Support + Updates.

Bottom Line

We have listed down five best free WordPress themes for the freebie community.

Always keep an eye out for the updates because the search engines, social media giants, community, and visitors hardware are changing.

The WordPress themes must support the latest generation so that we can sustain the business accordingly.

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Michael Amaral
Michael Amaral
1 year ago

Amazing work and beautiful selection you made in here. Thanks a lot!
Now I am using the Probit theme for my running project, and I also want you to suggest this theme. The best thing about this theme is that you can use it for your marketing, eCommerce, showcasing a portfolio, etc.