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Nowadays, we are reading Free SSl vs Paid SSL and Best Free SSL Certificate in the market after Google announced that they are taking SSL Certificate as a ranking factor after July, 31st, 2018.

What is SSL certificate?

free ssl certificate

SSL Certificates are digital technology that enables the browsers and servers to communicate securely by binding cryptographic key. It uses the padlock and https protocol to create secure connections between your browser and the website server. The SSL certificate allows website founders to make the transactions from credit card, debit card, logins, and data that entered on the site secure.

Why SSL Certificate Exists?

I know that many of you don’t know that an SSL Certificate can create a secure connection for the users. So many companies provide the cheapest SSL Certificates for there customers.

But, why SSL certificate exists?

Remember, there are many privacy invaders and hackers in the world, and they can steal your information without your knowledge. It happens when your browser is communicating with the website’s servers.

Do I Need An SSL Certificate?

free ssl certificate

Many people have questions regarding the Best Free SSL Certificate, but they don’t have answers for it. Many of you don’t know much about convert HTTP to HTTPS SSL certificate price and do you even need an SSL certificate

1. Advantages of SSL

There are many advantages to have an SSL certificate on your website, but we will also clear your doubts on who should get this protection on the website.

  • It is a ranking factor, and it was announced officially by the Google. Currently, it is a ranking factor.
  • No one can hack or try to steal information between you and your visitors. Overall, the connection is secure.
  • No customer or reader will hesitate to comment or purchase on your website because it is a secure connection.
  • An SSL certificate enables the readers, and customers leave a positive impression. Only brands register for it like Google, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and more. It leaves a positive impression that can increase your sales in the coming
  • Many web hosting companies are providing best free SSL certificates for your website.

In case, if you are looking for disadvantages, then there aren’t any unless you have issues with your website design.

2. Importance

It has become extremely important for website founders to get a free, trusted SSL certificates for the websites.

But, why?

Google has implemented a “secure connection” and “not secure connection” feature, which provides information to the browser users to find out whether the connection is secure or not. No one would make a purchase or even enter a word from their end on “not secure connection” sites.

I recommend every single person who has a website that has “e-commerce” or products on the website and then opts for Best Free SSL Certificate.

3. Do I Need an SSL Certificate?

Many of you are getting confused over and debating on Free SSSl vs Paid SSL, but I have a solution for you that will put an end to this debate.

  • Let’s assume that you are running an e-commerce site like Amazon, where users can make payment online via Credit card, Debit card, Virtual card, or any other cards, right? Sites like Amazon (e-commerce) websites should SSL certificate. Whenever a user is typing sensitive data on the website like credit card details, then it is mandatory to convert HTTP to HTTPS connection.
  • In case, if you are running a one-page business website or a simple business website with just your information in it, then you don’t need an SSL certificate and it is a debate in the advantages and disadvantages of SSL suggestions. But, you don’t need this protection when no one can add sensitive information on your website.

It’s a simple theory, but you can add it to rank your website on Google, and it’s optional.

4. Best Free SSL Certificate For Website

A lot of people are falling for a free SSL certificate generator, and it doesn’t exist, so stop going for the generators. There is no doubt that there are many free SSL certificates for lifetime providers in the market today, but we don’t want you to go for the wrong one that can impact you negatively.

There are only a few free trusted SSL certificates provider in the market, who maintains the quality. I recommend you to buy web hosting with SSL included in the package for free of cost.

There are many companies like Youstable, Bluehost, NameCheap, and more offering free SSL certificate for domains without charging you an extra penny.

Yes, you can get free, trusted SSL certificate from reputed companies and make sure to buy only from them.

5. Google SSL Certificate

Google is taking one more step forward to provide a free website to the new customers, and they are offering a free Google SSL certificate in the package.

I haven’t tested it yet, so I cannot provide you much in-depth information on it. But, I can tell you that Google new program has many flaws and limitations, and there might even add restrictions on your website.

However, Google’s Blogger platform also offers free SSL certificate on a custom domain for free.

Free SSL Vs Paid SSL: Which is the Best SSL Certificate?

I will provide you legit information when it comes to Free SSSl vs Paid SSL and Best Free SSL Certificate because you have to know whether you should go for free ones or the paid ones.

1. Free SSL Certificates?

Let’s assume that I am running a blog, magazine website, business website, portfolio website, simple website, and information website, and then you can use the free SSL certificate.

2. Paid SSL Certificates?

Let’s assume that you are running an online store, selling something on the website, collecting any form of sensitive information about the customers, forums (register & login), your website has register & login options, online shopping sites, and more, and then you should consider getting a paid SSL Certificate for your website.

It’s all about the level of information the customers are typing on the website, and that’s what judges if you need a free SSL certificate or paid SSL certificate.


Let us know what do you think about the Free SSL vs Paid SSL in the comment section below.

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