Best Camtasia Alternatives for Mac and Windows in 2024– Free/paid

What is the hardest part of owning a business or a YouTube channel? Editing the video content. Managing your channel can be hectic when it takes hours and hours to edit a 20-minute video.

However, tools like Camtasia always make your editing experience a lot easier. However, Camtasia can be a little pricey and might only suit some. Therefore, we are here with the best Camtasia alternatives for Mac and Windows in 2024.

Let us start by understanding what Camtasia is and why you should choose an alternative.

What is Camtasia?

Camtasia cannot be called one thing. However, it can be categorised into an editing tool, a video recorder, a screen recorder and more. Simply put, it is an all-in-one for online video content production.

This platform offers plenty of features that can help you quickly edit the video you recorded through the screen recorder from Camtasia or a video sourced externally.

It is a great tool to create tutorials, social media product ads and more.

Content creator editing video footage in studio. Editor publishing viral video on social media, multimedia production flat vector illustration. Motion design concept for banner or landing web page

It can also be used for work-related things, such as recording a meeting to later provide to your employees so that they are in check with what was discussed in the meeting.

It comes with various plans designed for specific needs. The plans can be used by educators, instructional designers, tech marketers and more.

It is pretty easy to use, and most things run with the drag-and-drop method. It is excellent for beginners, and the quality of the videos will be impeccable.

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Why Choose an Alternative for Camtasia?

As you might already know, Camtasia is an excellent platform with plenty of features and ease of use. However, you can still opt for an alternative due to the prices, which are pretty high at Camtasia.

Camtasia is great for beginners when we look at the usage, as it provides a simple interface where even a newbie can excel. However, the prices say otherwise. If you have a small budget, Camtasia might not be the best suit for someone with a small budget.

Also, plenty of video editing tools can help you create similar output, which could be tried; who knows, it might suit you better.


Let us now take a look at the plans and pricing at Camtasia. 

  • Individual Subscription: $211.10/year
  • Perpetual Licence: $352.06 Billed Once
  • Camtasia + Audiate: $445.80/year

Camtasia provides plans that consider all users. However, looking at the cost, we suggest you use free video editing software rather than Camtasia. However, once your business is growing, you can consider Camtasia as it is suitable for farming and big companies.

8 Paid and Free Camtasia Alternatives for Mac and Windows in 2024

You are now aware of the features offered by Camtasia. Let us now look at some of the paid and free Camtasia alternatives for Mac and Windows in 2024, and you decide if they are equivalent and worth your money.

1. CamStudio

CamStudio might seem like an old-fashioned video editor, but the features offered by this platform are great for your next video production. This platform provides the best interface to work with and gain high-quality video content.


This platform records screen and audio activity on your computer to create AVI video files. It can also convert this content into bandwidth-friendly, streaming Flash videos (SWF). You can also create videos with subtitles to help you produce a better tutorial.

Key Features 

These are the features offered by CamStudio. 

✅ Captions: You can now add captions to your video and help the audience understand the content better. 

✅ Screen in Screen Recording: Now, you can record your webcam along with your screen and provide a screen-in-screen recording to your viewers. 

Lossless Code: To provide quality content, CamStudio offers a lossless codec to ensure the best quality possible.


CamStudio is a free screen recorder platform with various other features. 

2. Loom

Loom is a beautiful video editing platform that can offer you everything you want to with your video at one place. This platform is easy to use and provides a simple interface to help the newbies in the industry. 


You can also share embedded videos through platforms such as Google Workspace to Slack and over 100+ other tools. Your work with captions becomes a lot easier with automatic transcriptions. 

Key Features 

These are a few features offered by Loom. 

Transcription: You will not have to do additional editing as this platform can effortlessly transcribe your videos in multiple languages to provide better-quality content. 

Screen in Screen Recording: You can easily record your screen and camera simultaneously with Loom’s Chrome extension, desktop or mobile app.

Auto Summary: Help your viewers understand the posted content with the auto-summary feature Loom offers.


These are the plans offered by Loom. 

  • Starter: Free
  • Business: $12.50USD/Creator/mo (annually)
  • Enterprise: Customizable 

3. Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic, now known as ScreenPal, is one stop for all your video content creation requirements. Here, you can record your screen, edit videos, add impactful alterations and more.


This platform offers plenty of services for free, and when you pay, you can expect a lot more. It has specific plans for all users. Whether you are an educator, marketer or anyone else, you will always find something at Screencast-O-Matic to help you.

Key Features 

Here are the features offered by ScreenPal. 

Purpose Particular Plans: With ScreenPal, you are provided with plans specific to your needs. Whether you are a teacher or want a screen recorder for your business, you can find them all at ScreenPal. 

✅ Responsive Interface: ScreenPal is responsive. Therefore, you can use this tool on your computer and mobile phone. 

✅ Create Storyboards: You can start your production process at ScreenPal, as this platform also provides tools to help you create a storyline and a storyboard. 

✅ Work While Recording: You might be worried about how you would relate to what you recorded later and help the viewers understand. You can draw and annotate while recording to provide more ease.


Let us take a look at the plans offered by ScreenPal. 

  • SOLO Deluxe: $3/month
  • SOLO Premier: $6/month
  • SOLO MAX: $10/month
  • TEAM Business: $8/month/user

4. Wondershare DemoCreator

Wondershare DemoCreator is one of the best Camtasia alternatives for Mac and Windows in 2024. This platform offers a simple and easy-to-use intuitive interface which users can use at all levels of expertise.

Wondershare DemoCreator

This platform offers various features based on each of your requirements. Whether you want to create educational or entertainment content, you can do it all in one place, which considers the needs of various video content.

Key Features 

These are a few of the features offered with Wondershare DemoCreator plans. 

✅ Voice Changer: Do you want to cast multiple voices in your video but have no voice artist? No problem. With this platform, you can change your voice and record it for your multiple-character content, which will provide a better understanding of the story to the viewers. 

✅ Auto Captioning: We often hire a transcribing artist who charges a ton of money when we are already on a small budget. However, it won’t be a problem with Wondershare DemoCreator as here, you are already offered auto-captioning to help you create more compelling content easily. 

✅ Screen In Screen Recorder: Now, make a more significant impact on your audience with a screen-in-screen recording of your tutorials and other sessions with the best audio and video quality. 

✅ Screen Drawing: Another feature you could utilise to make the most impact is to use the screen drawing option to create more understandable content that is helpful to the viewers.

✅ Record with AI Avatars: To keep up with the ever-growing technology and create more engaging content, you can utilise the AI avatar feature offered by Wondershare DemoCreator, which will indeed significantly impact the viewers. Also, it is a great way to deal with your camera anxiety while ensuring that your content is still of excellent quality. 


These are plans offered by Wondershare DemoCreator. 

  • Windows: $45/Year – $75/One-time fee
  • Mac: $45/Year – $75/One-time fee

5. EzVid

This video editor is the best free Camtasia alternative. EzVid is a simple yet effective video editor most suitable for Windows. This platform can offer you a simple interface where you can do all of your video content-related work.


Here, you can find free music content to save yourself from copyright issues or other legalities. Also, it can be used to record multiple types of content. Whether you want to create a tutorial, a meet recording or even a game streaming recording, EzVid can help you with all. 

Key Features 

These are the features offered by EzVid. 

Free Music: You can now save yourself from copyright issues that could cause your video to shut down, as EzVid offers you free music for your content. 

✅ Screen Recording for All Purposes: With EzVid, you can record all you want, such as an educational class, a work meeting or even a gaming live stream; this platform will ensure the best quality content is captured with ease. 

✅ Creates Instant Slideshows: This is a unique feature you might not find with other video editors. With EzVid, you will be provided with instant slideshows easily.


EzVid is a free video editing and screen recording tool. 

6. Expression Encoder

Expression Encoder is a free screen recorder and video editor tool that can help you create engaging and entertaining content for free. This platform is quite reliable and easy to use with a few effects.

However, not many features are involved, so you should use this platform for small tasks that do not require many creative effects. It is most suitable for recording work meetings, classes and more.

Key Features 

Let us take a look at the features offered by Expression Encoder. 

✅ Screen in Screen Recording: You can now easily record your camera and screen simultaneously, which will help you create the most effective video content. 

✅ Many Codification Options: You can easily codify the original Express Encoder provided to you.


Express Encoder is a free video editing and screen recording tool. 

7. IceCream

IceCream is an affordable video editing application you can download to use offline or many other tools if you prefer using them online. It is most suitable for Windows and provides free and paid plans.

IceCream video editor

Here, you can easily record, edit and share your content on various platforms with just a few clicks. This platform ensures that all your content’s quality is maintained throughout the process, and nothing gets spoilt in the process.

Key Features 

Let us take a look at the features offered by IceCream. 

✅ No Watermark: An issue with many video editing tools is that they often leave a watermark on your content, making it look unprofessional. However, with the paid version of IceCream, you will not have to deal with watermark issues.

✅ Video Conversion: Creating a podcast could become hectic if you had to recreate the entire content to publish it as an mp3. However, with IceCream, you have an inbuilt video converter tool to help you reuse your content by converting an mp4 format to mp3. 

✅ Customise BG Music: You can easily add any music and edit and customise it at IceCream to make the video more compelling.

✅ Support Multiple Formats: You do not have to worry about the formats this platform can support, as IceCream supports a considerable number of formats, such as MP4, AVI, WEBM, MOV, JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.


Let us take a look at the plans offered by IceCream. 

  • 1 Year Licence: $29.95 Billed annually
  • Lifetime Licence: $49.95 One-time fee
  • Video PRO Package: $78 One-time fee

8. Webinaria

As the name suggests, Webinaria is a great platform to create and record webinars. It is an open-source software which comes with plenty of tools. Also, you can easily change the codes if you want.


Here, you can become a part of a big community where you can easily share your webinars and share your ideas with many viewers. You can create a simple webinar using the essential Webinaria tools or create a much more feasible tool.

Key Features 

Let us discuss the features offered by Webinaria. 

✅ Open Source Free Code: Webinaria is a free and open-source code that you can use as it is with simple yet useful features. However, you have the freedom to create a much more feasible code as you are already provided with the basic code structure. 

✅ Become a Part of the Community: With Webinaria, you can screen record your content, become a part of a larger community, and share your content with people who value it.


Webinaria is a free video editing and screen recording tool. 

FAQs – Best Camtasia Alternatives

What is the free alternative of Camtasia?

There are various free alternatives to Camtasia. However, most of them start charging for their services after a while. But EzVid and Expression Encoder are free Camtasia alternatives that will help you easily create engaging content. 

How much does Camtasia Cost?

Camtasia can cost you about: 

  • Individual Subscription: $211.10/year
  • Perpetual Licence: $352.06 Billed Once
  • Camtasia + Audiate: $445.80/year

Which is the best Freemium alternative for Camtasia?

If you are open to trying the services for free before moving on to the paid version, you can always go for CamStudio, Loom or Wondershare DemoCreator.

How much does Camtasia cost per year? 

The cost of Camtasia services differs as per the plan you choose: 

  • Individual Subscription: $211.10/year
  • Perpetual Licence: $352.06 Billed Once
  • Camtasia + Audiate: $445.80/year

Conclusion – Best Camtasia Alternatives

You now have the list of the best Camtasia alternatives for Mac and Windows in 2024. Many platforms above suit both OS, but some only work for either.

However, we have ensured that these platforms can replace Camtasia in your life with the most valuable features. These screen recording and video editing platforms offer features that are similar to Camtasia but also cheaper in most cases.


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    Best Camtasia Alternatives for Mac and Windows in 2024– Free/paid

    Best Camtasia Alternatives for Mac and Windows