Bad Affiliate Hosting Programs you should never join

Hosting Affiliate programs might be a new word for some people but for most of the others making thousands of dollars every month by referring hosting clients to these companies and getting paid for that. There are different types of hosting service providers present as well affiliate programs available on the internet. But all of them are not reliable at all as an affiliate program. Today, we are going to discuss some of the hosting affiliate programs you should never join and waste your time.

Before we start discussing, let’s have a quick knowledge on what Web hosting actually is.

Web Hosting Affiliates

Web hosting is simply the base of any site where all data remain stored and secured. It allows the users to publish their website or web page on the internet. A reliable web hosting is very important for website present online because a good or bad hosting service can make or break your site.

This was a short summarization on hosting; now let’s take a look at which are those hosting affiliate programs you should never join ever. Let’s begin.

Hosting Affiliate Programs you should never join

Listed below are some of the hosting affiliate programs you should avoid.

  • 000Webhost

Although this web hosting company is free to use but there are many complaints regarding the affiliate program of this web hosting company. The first problem with this web hosting company is that they do not pay on time and it is found in most of the cases that they didn’t do any payment. The second problem with their services is the slow FTP transfer speed which is one of the major problems.

000WebHost Affiliate

These issues do not end here you also get an error message while using this web hosting like No space left on device.

One of the most disgusting thing regarding this web hosting is, the website might disappear some time if found violating CPU usage limits. Even having any kinds of a problem this company does not inform the user or notify them which is a very bad sign for a company like this.


  • Host gator

This is another great web hosting website even this company has some bad record regarding affiliate programs like it is very hard to find new clients on this company, I have talked with more than 5 professional affiliate marketers in Web Hosting industry and they said HostGator most of the sales get failed or rejected. Even the customer service is very bad followed by limited speed and volume which can be handled on the server.

hostgator affiliate

This web hosting site charges extra fees for backup which is completely unnecessary. Even the pricing in this place is little high as compared to others. Many people across the globe are been complaining about this problem but no such actions have been taken yet from their end.


  • Godaddy

Many have heard this name as they are in the market for a long time. But do you know even this renowned company has many complaints against their affiliate program? The most common problem with them is that they charge too high and the commission percentage is comparatively very low. Not only that their customer service support is very bad and often they do not respond to their customers.

GoDaddy affiliate

Even the domain buying service is not refundable which a very bad sign for the user. Even the after support from them is very which led to many complaints against this company. These are the major issues regarding Godaddy hosting affiliate which should be avoided by you.


  • WP Engine

This is another well-known web hosting site which has many complaints and is careful before using this hosting affiliate program. This company charges high amount as compared to other hosting service providers.

WPEngine Affiliate

Not only that, it is very hard to refer which makes lots of trouble for using affiliate program. Though the customer support is ok as compared to others but it is not much responsive you might face some problems while connecting with them. There are many plugins which are also not allowed on this site.

So, these were some of the Hosting affiliate programs you should never join. Though the above-mentioned companies are well known but there are many issues regarding affiliate program of these companies. So, be careful while using affiliate program of these companies.

Best Recommended tips to make money by selling Hosting

  • Find Trusted Hosting Company
  • Refer only genuine hosting offers
  • Build trust with your readers
  • Don’t look only high commission (Customer Satisfaction should be first priority)
  • Explain everything about the web host you are referring
  • Try to help your readers

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  1. Add GoogieHost in the list, so far referred 1500+ signups, not even a single penny paid. Worst service.

    • Natha I know your issue and we still working on your issue even we don’t want to let you go… Once the issue is resolved by WHMCS team we will release your fund for sure.

  2. i know many known information about Bad Affiliate Hosting Programs. thank you

    • I’m glad iPage is not listed because their affiliate system is a plain joke.

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