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AWeber Review

When looking for an email marketing provider, there are some major company names that come into our minds, one of them being AWeber. 

Yes, AWeber is one of the leading and trusted brands when it comes to email marketing. They offer a free trial so that the user doesn’t leave unsatisfied. Hence, a gem provider for email marketing with 24/7 availability and one which goes on with respect and cooperation is what we look for, and we got one too!

Let’s start with the AWeber review to know everything about the company.

About AWeber

😀Free Trial30-day Free Trial (Limited to some regions worldwide)
💰Starting Cost$16.15/month for 0-500 subscribers
🔔Amount of SubscribersStart from 500 and go up to 25,000 subscribers
🏆CompetitorsSendinBlue, Omnisend, Moosend
👨🏽‍💻Support-Call, email, live chat and knowledgebase with video tutorials 
💳 Payment MethodVisa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover credit cards, debit cards with the Visa or Mastercard logo.
♻️ Refund Policy30-day money-back guarantee

Powerfully simple email marketing software, AWeber. It provides professional designs and connects with your previous and new tools as well. 

It was created to help small businesses, and gradually, it became big to support any type of business when it comes to email marketing. We tried the company’s services and came out with some remarkable results and a real-time experience, seeing our brand flourish. 

AWeber has been in the business for over 20 years and has ensured people trust them with their brand’s promotion.

How to Get 30 Day Free Trial from AWeber.

You can grab a 30-day free trial from AWeber, but it depends on various regions because they are giving out the trial to limited but not all regions worldwide. 

Let’s start on how to grab their free trial:

  • Visit their landing page and click on “Get AWeber Free”.
Get AWeber Free”.
  • After that, you will be asked for details like your first and last name and email address. And click on “Start Growing Today”.
30 Day Free Trial from AWeber Step 2
  • They will ask you to visit your Gmail inbox to verify your email. 
stpe 3 - 30 Day Free Trial from AWeber
  • In your email account, you will receive an email from AWeber, and you will have to approve by clicking on “Get Started.”
Step 4 - 30 Day Free Trial from AWeber
  • You will then be directed back to AWeber, where you have to sign in with the same email and by setting a new password.
Step 5 - 30 Day Free Trial from AWeber
  • Save Password and then Choose the “FREE” plan.
Step - 30 Day Free Trial from AWeber
  • As soon as you select “FREE”, all the Credit Card details section visible on the screen’s right side will disappear. And you will just get the option “Continue.”
select “FREE” AWeber
  • Move ahead by entering some details of your Company.
entering some details of your Company in AWeber
  • Describe your company’s subscriber listing here in the next step.
AWeber company’s subscriber listing
  • Complete the leftover information and click on “Complete Setup.”
company’s subscriber listing in AWeber
  • Congratulations! You will be directed to the Dashboard from where you can manage and keep an eye on your activities and services for free for the next 30-days.
Free for the next 30-days in AWeber

Pricing and Plans – AWeber Review

AWeber provides a free trial, and when you decide to switch your services to them, they have a free plan and a premium plan that you can choose according to your requirements:

  • AWeber FREE: $0.00/month 
  • Up to 500 email subscribers
  • Landing pages
  • Web push notifications
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Email templates
  • Sign up forms
  • Ecommerce
  • AWeber Pro: $16.15/month for 0-500 subscribers 

Everything is FREE, plus:

  • Unlimited email lists
  • Advanced email automation
  • Remove AWeber branding
  • Detailed insights and analytics
  • Webpage and sales tracking
  • Split testing

Note: You can select the number of subscribers you want (up to 25,000) and pay accordingly. Nothing less, nothing more!

Easy To Use Interface 

AWeber has an easy-to-use interface. It gives a straightforward and easy accessible dashboard from which the user can monitor all the activities without the help of a third person to direct them. 

Free for the next 30-days in AWeber

Though you might find their layouts and the way their website is laid out a little boring, you won’t get stuck in steps. Also, its live chat option is available 24/7 and has some responsive expert staff to answer your queries. 

Performance and Security – AWeber Review

AWeber take proper security measures when it comes to their services. They value users’ data rights and consider data, account and personnel security simultaneously. 

It has security certifications from various certified institutions as well. The use of encryption for data transmission, acquisition, and storage from their systems and data centres is majorly done to secure data. 

Performance and Security - AWeber Review

They provide continuous automated and human monitoring of their systems’ availability, confidentiality, integrity, and resilience. They regularly scheduled backups in case of data loss or corruption. 

Regular internal and external risk evaluations of all systems while having data centres with DDoS detection and mitigation in place is what determines Account Protection. 

Coming onto performance, it is as redundant as its security features. You need not worry about its performance, it may fluctuate at times because of some faults that are fixed immediately, but otherwise, it’s good to go!

AWeber Template and Newsletter 

Are you ready to implement your template idea in real life? You can create custom landing and email page template designs with AWeber. 

Enhance your business experience and create templates that justify your brand and intent because only you can do that for yourself, not us! 

AWeber Template and Newsletter 

You can even modify existing templates and use them as well for your email marketing services. Newsletter and other types of templates are available for free, as well as premium plans by AWeber. 

well for your email marketing services

AWeber Automations

AWeber’s email automation system is called Campaigns. You can send the appropriate message to the right individual at the correct time using Campaigns. This saves you time and streamlines the process of setting up focused marketing.

Actions like Trigger, Send a Message, Wait, and Apply Tag can be used to build campaigns. You can drag and drop each of the action items into your campaign canvas. Additionally, you may set up your campaign to accept repeated entries, allowing subscribers to repeat campaigns they have already finished.

AWeber Automations

AWeber Integrations

Integrations help you work better and more efficiently. And when it comes to AWeber’s Integration options, there are many of them. 

Hence, working with them becomes a lot more beneficiary. You will get a lot of integrations under these sections with AWeber:

  • Content Management
  • CRM
  • E-Commerce
  • Landing Page
  • Lead Generation
  • Membership
  • Productivity Tools
  • Social
  • Survey
  • Video
  • Webinar

You may get various and hundreds of integrations for your benefits under these headings with AWeber. But there’s more in teh box for you, which you can check out at AWeber.

Support – AWeber Review

AWeber’s support is quite interactive and responsive at the same time. They will solve each of your queries in no time! You can anytime go with the live chat option as if they are live, which they mostly are.

Apart from that, it gives out a knowledgebase, Video tutorials, advice from certified experts, and call and email option. They have a team of experts who are friendly and will try to give you a solution as soon as possible. So, the support options, in short, are:

  • Live Chat 
  • Email 
  • Call 
  • Knowledgebase, Video Tutorials 

Features – AWeber Review

Features are the main part of a service. Hence, here are the features of AWeber’s email marketing services:

  • Self-designing emails:

You can utilize email templates to save time for any occasion.
Utilize Canva to add or create eye-catching pictures, also the URL of your website or Facebook page, and quickly create email templates.

  • Free Pictures:

You can save time and money with thousands of free, high-quality stock pictures.

Easy email creation using a drag-and-drop builder with pre-built autoresponders. Custom signup forms and landing pages will help you expand your email list more quickly. You can even welcome new subscribers.

  • Set up an automatic reply for emails:

Automated welcome, abandoned cart, confirmation, and other emails can save you hours of effort. You can increase your blog’s traffic, YouTube views, podcast downloads, Etsy sales, and more with an auto newsletter.

  • Setup for Automation:

Boost your sales, clicks, and open rates. Send emails to subscribers using segments based on recent opens, purchases, and other factors. Use dynamic content to make subscribers believe that each email was explicitly written for them.

  • Use pre-made, comprehensible reports:

For more clicks and purchases, find the ideal send times and content. Also, there’s A/B split testing to determine the most effective text, concepts, and images.

  • Tracking:

Track which emails receive the most hits to increase website traffic. Emails that are received in the inbox rather than the spam folder are what they aim for.

Pros and Cons – AWeber Review

Pros and Cons are like the front and back of service; knowing both is necessary. And when it comes to AWeber, if they have a lot of good things, there must be some bad that need to be recognised. Right?

Hence, the advantages and disadvantages of AWeber:


  • Loads of integrations 
  • Affordable 
  • Great Customer Support 
  • 6000+ Stock images 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Free trial not available in all regions 

 FAQs – AWeber Review

Does AWeber’s free trial limit access to features?

If the free trial is available in your region, then you can access all the premium features in the free trial for 30-days. If not, you can still subscribe to their services and can get a money-back within 30 days if you don’t like to continue

Does AWeber offer good analytics?

Yes, as far as we tried and tested their services. AWeber provides good and accurate analytics, which are visible on the dashboard as per you move ahead with their services. 

Does AWeber offer a drag-and-drop editor?

Yes, AWeber offers a drag-and-drop editor. They have given guides on their website on how to use various other great features that may help you do email marketing in a better way!

Why is AWeber the best?

When a company is providing a free trial, a 30-day money-back guarantee, premium features along with lots of integrations, and other befits at an affordable price. And also includes 24/7 customer support. What else is left that you are not getting with AWeber and that does not make them the best?

Final Words – AWeber Review

We would say that this AWeber Review is not only written to impart information but also to share our experience with AWeber. You may get some interruptions at times that you will get with almost any other email marketing service provider, but when they get solved in minutes, you must consider and appreciate them. 

You can look in detail about the company through our review as well as visit their website and then only take an informed decision on continuing with AWeber as your email marketing service provider!

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