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Why people hate AwardSpace Free Hosting?

AwardSpace Free Hosting: No doubt AwardSpace is giant in Free Web Hosting industry, they have large numbers of active users on their server however in a previous couple of months

we are getting too many users at our forum complaining about various issues with our team. So I decided to check them out and guide you in a better way.

I signed up with them few month before to monitor their uptime and other features of free web hosting service for you guys. I must admit that their control panel is much better than other

free hosting provider but it’s not the thing which improves hosting services quality.

I observed few features are not available at Award Space and few other hosting service providers, here are the list

No Free Sub-Domains: While I was creating an account with them, there was no option to create a website under free sub-domain names.

I also noticed they build their order form appealing to upsell other paid services like Domains, SEO and website builder at the time of ordering free web hosting service.

It was a bit confusing if you are not familiar with the GoDaddy is following the same strategy to upsell more products.

Well, but overall billing area was good there were no any other issues excluding up selling paid services.


However, at googiehost you get more than 5 free sub-domains options like,, etc

Showing already a member error:

It seems they no longer accept free hosting users or they accepting only very limited users in a day, I am not sure about this but when I tried to create another account with them

I got error that “It appears that you are already a member!” which is not acceptable for me because that e-mail account was recently created for one of my friends and he

didn’t even know much about this stuff. When I tried to retrieve that account got error that user doesn’t exist 😀

Very Limited Resources:

Unlike GoogieHost unlimited free web hosting, they provide very limited hosting resources to host your website. As I had old account with Award Space and lucky that was still active to test them :

P, I hosted a simple HTML website with them because if you are planning to host any CMS like WordPress, Joomla, SMF etc then be careful

because these Content Management Systems use more than 2 GB Disk space after a month or so…

Here are the resources snapshot you get with them

Uptime and Support:

I have tested their free servers for more than 10 days and the uptime was not that bad considering free web hosting, in those 10 days there was approx 95% uptime,

however, loading speed sucks until you configure your domain names with any free or paid CDN (Content Delivery Network).

If you are looking free CDN options then ClouFlare comes with Free Shared SSL and its hardly take 5 minutes to configure with your hosting account and speed up your website 3x times faster.

Like other Free Web Hosts AwardSpace also has bad customer support for free clients. I didn’t try their paid service but will get soon and I will share my experience with you.

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  1. Yes awardspace is just waist of time but GoogieHost is one of the best free hosting I ever used. I have one blog with GoogieHost and that is performing like premium shared hosting. Keep upto date guys.


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