Are ready to get penalize in Google mobile friendliness test?

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Google is ready to penalize your website if its not mobile friendly, this time you have to take this seriously to save your website from Google’s mobile friendliness test. Today we have received e-mail from google that optimize our css and other files which slow downing our website even if you are using Adsense on your website then it is the right time to start using responsive ad units.

Google mobile-friendliness Search

From 21st April 2015 google making huge changes in Google Search, in this changes if your website is not passing friendliness test then you may loose lots of potential traffic as your google ranking is going to down.

You already have mobile optimized website?

If you have mobile friendly website and you are thinking that your website will not gonna penalize on this update then let me tell you that google has over 20 factors to test your website and if its under 75% then sorry to say but even your website is under risk.

How to test Google friendliness?

To make this easy for you we have managed test form here, all you have to do is enter your url and click on submit query site back for few seconds. This test is based on google’s upcoming changes for your website so you do not have to worry about anything else just make suggested changes after test.

Enter your website url ex: or but do not enter http or https

Google Adsense users: If you are using Google adsense on your website to generate revenue then now double check that your ad units are not making any disturbance in mobile friendliness, if yes then replace your ads with better one.

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  2. Hello, Thanks for your article. Specially thanks for your linked Google Developers url. I just checked my blog and ti’s showing me it’s mobile friendly. So, i am safe now 😀 Let’s see what’s happen after the update. And one more update on the same date MOZ Update. 😀



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