Android Pie Released – Android 9 and Its Features

The official team of Android has announced that they are going to release the next generation stable Android OS Android pie for the smartphone by the end of December.

But, a few phones are going to get the functionalities from 6th August.

What makes Android 9 different from the rest?

Android 9, or Android Pie Features

Android 9

Android Pie is a modified version of Android Oreo, and it comes with a modern feature that competes with Apple iOS as well.

The Android P offers improvements in existing features and introduced new features.


It’s no longer a secret that Google is using AI (Artificial Intelligence) functionalities on a PRO level for a long time, and they have added few features to Android P as well.

Adaptive Battery:

The Android OS is going to introduce a software function called “Adaptive battery” that allows the smartphone to charge, and utilise battery charge a better way.

It’s not a new feature because Asus has introduced it on Zenfone 5 (2018.)

The good part is that we are going to experience it without paying Rs.30,000 on a smartphone.

Adaptive Brightness:

It’s not a revolutionary feature, but the Android team improved their machine to learn how to adjust the ambient light, and display light adjustments.

App Actions:

To explain “app actions” we can use Android keyboard predictive or auto-correct feature.

Just like the Android keyboard auto-correct feature, the Android will offer you options that suit your criteria.

Android Pie


Let’s assume that you are searching for “Avengers movie,” then it opens part of the search results (one or two results) without opening the Google app.

Android Pie


The primary objective of the Android developers has always been to provide easy-to-navigate machine to the users.

New Navigation System:

The Android 9 comes with major changes in the UI, where the clean home button offers you predicted apps when you swipe up.

If you swipe up one more time, then you can view all apps.

You no longer have to press twice to open background running apps because it has changed by swiping side.

Android Pie

Smart text selection in Overview:

The smart developers have improved Copy and Paste functions.

Even though the Google Android developers say that it’s a new feature, but I have already experienced it in Samsung S-devices in S Notes.

Simplified volume controls:

Yes, you do get volume rockers on the side of the phones, but on-screen volume controls have changed a little.

You get a widget like a bar on your screen with function icons, and you can use volume up, and down when you tap on them.

I don’t see anything special about it because Android 5.0 on-screen volume controls are better as well.

Rotation Button:

Android has finally got rid of the manual selection of the rotation option.

So this is how it works when you rotate your screen to watch the video, then an option appears to rotate video screen to the left, or right in the corner of your screen.

The good part is that Android reset rotation once your phone is in the normal position.

Digital Wellbeing

Android always promoted transparency when it comes to battery usage, storage usage, data usage, and more.

Android Dashboard:

You can view how many times you have unlocked your phone, the number of notifications you received in a day,

how much time you spent with your phone and more. Consider it as your usage analytic data.

Android Pie

App Timer:

You can set a timer on how many minutes to hours you want to use an app, and it alerts you when the timer hits.

Slush Gesture:

It’s a new feature to turn on “Do Not Disturb” mode, by turning over your phone.

Wind Down Mode:

when you are going to sleep, let Google assistant know, and it will enable “Do Not Disturb” mode and puts your phone in greyscale mode to save battery.

What is Android 9.0 P called?

Android pie

Android always names their version after a sweet delicacy food. This time they have selected an American Pie, and it is called Android Pie.

Official Name: Android 9, and Android Pie.

When is Android Pie coming out?

Android pie

Android Pie launched back in March, and it was a beta version for the developers to test the product and to promote the latest version to the world at an early stage.

The official Android team has improved the version from the data they have received from Beta Version users.

Date of Stable Android P, or Android 9 Release: August 6th, 2018.

How To Get Android Pie now?

Android pie

Android P offers a preview version, and I would like to remind you that it may not be stable, and you face problems with the preview versions. Ensure that you are not updating your OS without knowing the risk involved in the preview builds.

1 – Go to settings.

2 – Scroll down till you find “About device” section.

3 – Tap on “software update.”

If there’s an available for your phone, then you can enjoy the preview version

We will list the number of phones supported early access to Android P in the next paragraph.

When will my phone get Android 9.0 Pie?

Android pie

There’s no secret that Android does not sell the latest version to the manufacturers like Lenovo, Asus, or any other company early unless they are willing to pay a HUGE PRICE for each license.

Unfortunately, only a few phones are eligible to receive Android P update.

Google Devices:  Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL,

Essential: 1st Generation Essential Phone.

Nokia Brand: Nokia 7 Plus.

OnePlus Brand: OnePlus 6.

Oppo: Oppo R15 Pro

Sony Phones: Sony Xperia XZ2.

Vivo Brand: Vivo X21UD, and Vivo X21.

Xiaomi: Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S.

The above devices are guaranteed to get the update after the official team releases the stable version of Android P on August 6th, 2018.

Android has evolved, and I wouldn’t update my phone to Android Pie unless I want to experience the latest

UI and functions. I don’t see many reasons for the Android users from the current android version to the latest android version.


Those who are using Samsung S-series, N-series, Nokia devices, and other devices have to wait for a few months because Google does not seem to provide Android P update at a fair price for a few months.

Let us know what you think about it in the comment section below.

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