How Alexa calculating ranking correctly?

Do you think Alexa is not ranking your blog or website correctly? Today am going to tell you How Alexa calculating ranking properly. I know that all of you working hard to let your Alexa ranking down but having tons of traffic cannot affect Alexa ranking at all.

Today we are going to tell you about one of the major issues of miss calculation if you have enough traffic to get your ranking under 1 lakh but Alexa still showing 3-5 lakh? Well, that means they are not able to track your traffic properly.

What if Alexa bot is not being able to track your web analytics? As you already know Google analytics doesn’t allow the Alexa to access analytics data. There are several aspects, which we have to look at, but nothing is going to happen unless we make it easy for the Alexa bot to scan our site properly.

Claim your website for Alexa calculating ranking

Alexa calculating ranking

We know that many of you are wondering that claiming your website has an impact on the rankings?

To avoid these kinds of issues you should claim your blog or website Alexa. Register with them and verify your blog by adding Meta tag in your head section.

Registering and claiming your website with Alexa does not add any value to your website rankings, but there are two reasons why Alexa wants you to claim the site, we have two perceptions, and they are,

Alexa cares for those users who care for them, or you can simply put it this way, “If you scratch my back, then we will scratch your back.”

The next one is professional and reasonable because it explains a lot about the Alexa bot, which is nothing but an algorithm similar to the Google algorithm, which leads the bot. The Alexa bot can easily be discouraged to ignore your site, which can be dreadful for those who care about their Alexa rank.

In algorithms, there has been developed where sites or portals, which are new in the online platform are usually spam, and Alexa bot cannot reward sites, which does not meet the standards of quality and authenticity.

We recommended you to claim your website on Alexa that you are active & authentic, so it easier for you are to Alexa calculating ranking better.

Do not worry, all you need is your primary email address, and the account is for free of cost, and it does not force you to upgrade to premium.

Put Tracking code in Header.php

Alexa Calculating ranking

I have noticed that most of you put tracking code on just homepage or use faulty WordPress plugin and just because of that Alexa not able to track your traffic correctly. If you add tracking code in a header file, then it will cover your complete blog.

The second major reason why your website Alexa calculating ranking is not improving because Alexa bot is not able to fetch your traffic data, isn’t that possible?

The company runs on an algorithm that calculates the traffic and then compares it with other sites; then the website gets ranked, so what if it isn’t able to fetch your traffic data?

The easier you make for the company to fetch traffic data, then it makes it easier for the Alexa to compare the stats with other websites, then your rank will improve.

The company offers you a code, which you have to place in the footer or sidebar of your website, right? Maybe that is not enough because of several reasons, which we won’t get into the details because it involves a lot of coding topics.

You have to help Alexa bot by giving it an opening to enter any time, where you have to use the code that helps the bot to enter and leave easily.

You have two options here, you should give both of them a try, how?

1 –  If you have pasted the tracking code in the sidebar, the move it to footer, then you should remove it. In case, if the code was in the footer, then remove it, then place it in the sidebar.

2 – Remove the code from the Sidebar and Footer, then you should place it in the Header.php, you can access it in your cPanel > File manager > Public_HTML.

Remember, it takes at least one week for you to see slight changes, so be patient every time you make this change. At least ten days for the results to show.

Try Alexa Premium Trial Account

Alexa Calculating ranking

We know that this is a drastic step for you to take, but how about trying the 30-days trial service? The company allows you to try the 30-days trial by adding your credit card number, but they won’t deduct the amount from your account.

Before thirty days are completed, you should cancel the order. Thus the company does not charge you a penny. In simple words, you can work around and add your website link in the bottom credentials as well.

These days they are offering a free premium account for 30 days, each domain can avail this offer. It will help you to get a complete matrix of your blog and also help your blog ranking down

It isn’t a difficult choice to make because you won’t be charged anyway, right? If you are serious about it, then you can create an account and go for the premium upgrade.

In case, if you don’t have a credit card, then you can also use the virtual card from your bank or any other virtual card provider.

BONUS TIP – Your Website Design and ??

Alexa Calculating ranking

We do have personal experience, where the website has 50,000k visitors a month, but the rank is under 100,000, how?

And another scenario, where the site traffic was less than 10,000 a month, yet the Alexa calculating ranking was amazing. How?

Your website design, how? Did you know that website design is nothing but codes, which makes the site load faster and cache faster? If you design is nulled or outdated or have errors in it, then Alexa fetches wrong traffic data, thus damaging you’re Your website design & backlinks. Whenever there is an increase in backlinks (only quality backlinks), the rank keep goes up and never been down.


Let us know which one has worked for you, so we can improve and learn more from individual experience as well. We would love to know what changes have you to site in the comment section below.

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