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Why Alexa not calculating my ranking correctly?

Do you think alexa not ranking your blog or website correctly? Today am going to tell you why Alexa is not calculating your ranking properly. I know that all of you working hard to let your alexa ranking down but having tons of traffic can not affect alexa ranking at all.

Today we are going to talk about one of the major issue issue of miss calculation, if you have enough traffic to get your ranking under 1lakh but Alexa still showing 3-5 lakh? Well that means they are not able to track your traffic properly.

Claim your website in Alexa:

To avoid these kinds of issues you should claim your blog or website from Alexa. Register with them and verify your blog by adding Meta tag in your head section.

Put Tracking code in Header.php

I have noticed that most of you put tracking code in just home page or use faulty Word Press plugin and just because of that alexa not able to track your traffic correctly. If you add tracking code in header file then it will cover your complete blog.

Try Alexa Premium Trial Account:

These days they are offering free premium account for 30 days, each domain can avail this offer. It will help you to get complete matrix of your blog and also help your blog ranking down

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