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Akamai Purchases Linode to Build a Transformational ‘Cloud to Edge’ Platform

Akamai is a company with more than 325,000 computers in a network spanning 135 countries, a pioneer in internet video distribution and has long been the largest content delivery network, to date decided to lay their hands into cloud services by adhering to terms of the agreement, expecting Linode Limited Liability Company’s outstanding equity to be purchased for about $900 million.

Dr. Tom Leighton, chief executive officer and co-founder, Akamai Technologies remarked “The opportunity to combine Linode’s developer-friendly cloud computing capabilities with Akamai’s market-leading edge platform and security services is transformational for Akamai.”

He emphasised this purchase as a significant victory for developers, who will now be able to build apps on a platform with unrivaled scale, reach, performance, dependability, and security.

Linode, a privately held corporation is based on open source technologies, situated in Philadelphia. It provides services like storage, computes cloud orchestration, developer tools, and other commendable services too.

Linode Founder

It started 19 years ago to make the cloud’s power more accessible and easier for the consumer to use. Christopher Aker, founder, and the chief executive officer said “Solving customer’s challenges requires tremendous integration and scale which Akamai and Linode plan to bring together under one roof. This marks an exciting new chapter for Linode and a major step forward for our current and future customers.”

Akamai Technologies to Club in with Amazon IaaS rival, Linode

On February 15, 2022, at 4:30 p.m. EST, Akamai was slated to address the Linode acquisition during its Q4 and year-end 2021 financial results conference call. The management was expected to provide forward-looking financial guidance on the call.

In the conference call, Akamai officials said and here we quote that they are expecting to give a better structure and enlarge Linode’s locations and infrastructure capacity, hereby mentioning that they can really scale up the business. Leighton further mentioned, “We’re interested in developers, and really care about a developer-friendly environment. But the primary objective is to take Linode and scale that up to our large enterprise customers. Our customers have been pretty explicit that they wanted us to have this cloud capability and create end-to-end cloud solutions.”

According to Akamai after acquiring Linode, potential use cases for the joint Akamai-Linode solution range from sports to health care, also to the Internet of Things, metaverse, and e-commerce.

For instance, A sports Academy can give Akamai the leverage to capture and record various matches for future players to learn and adapt new techniques of their particular games.

So, this way or another, it benefits the business as it uncovers that the combined offering with Linode will appeal to developers by providing the basic cloud compute capabilities, ease of use, and provide the tool that they demand, as well as organisations by delivering the security, dependability, and uptime as required.

As new apps take advantage of Akamai’s network’s speed, distribution, and performance, the business will be able to drive modern use cases, easily.

With the Linode acquisition, Akamai joins the ranks of the premier infrastructure companies looking to build platforms that reach from the cloud to the edge, but in a unique way.

While Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Google are still expanding their networks by deploying edge infrastructure, Akamai is on its way to acquiring cloud infrastructure to link to its existing edge network.

Akamai’s acquisition of Linode today is the company’s second major acquisition in as many months.

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