About Rajesh Chauhan

First of all I would like to thank you for showing your interest and checking my profile, I am really glad to have you here. I started my journey in 2010 with couple of free bloggers site and started learning more about Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and as you know Linux Web Hosting as well.

Well I am Rajesh Chauhan, 23 years old digital marketing and hosting guy. I have been working on some international brands like Truelancer, Picodi Intenationals, and many others.

About Rajesh Chauhan

I have been featured on many authority blogs like Cybertwitt, TechLila and several more. It was really great experience to work with such a big brands, now am making over $5000 per month and looking forward to triple this amount with my marketing skills.

Few years back I started a hosting company (GoogieHost.com) to learn and polish my skills and now currently we have over 500000 satisfied clients across the world. I didn't tried to sell premium service on this project to maintain our user's trust because GoogieHost given me a good expose as an internet marketer.

For now am working on couple of well known business and blogs in India to boost their income by driving more traffic and clients to them.