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50+ Free Web Hosting Companies Shutting down

Grendrel Hosting, Nazuka, 3Owl, FreeHostingNoAds, HostFree, 5Free Hosting, 3Jelly and more than 50 others free web hosting platforms will shutdown soon.

Yes ! that’s bitter truth and you may don’t know that many free web hosting companies already stopped accepting new registrations but their are some of them still running on almost dead servers. Grendel Hosting shutdown their registrations and now they are asking users to sign up new platform, 2freehosting which was one of the most well known free hosting reseller but now migrated with hostinger that means you can still access your website but on same third class servers.

Why these free hosting shutting down?

These all free web host were powered YouHosting a hostinger project but its more than 2 years they are not taking care of it as result YH servers are now almost dead, clients are not able to access FTP, Emails, even MySQL server is down and 90% of websites are redirecting to local hostinger’splatform.

And by stealing users from their resellers they are making money by placing ads on a redirection page. We are the victims of this third class hosting company but not any more because GoogieHost now have its own servers in United States.

Will these companies come back ?

I am not sure YouHosting ever going to improve their performance, few months back one of our admin department called hostinger to seek help in server errors but they denied to help us, we have been told that they don’t provide call support even after having their paid hosting service.

We suggest you don’t signup with free web hosting service comes with this Captcha Protection if you care about your website

We haven’t seen crap hosting company like Hostinger ever however we still like to thanks them for giving us a platfrom in 2011 to polish our skills but its hard to ignore their promises and how they steal our hard work on projects based on their servers.

What these companies going to do now?

free web hosting Most of them started new website with different names and this time servers are from MyOwnFreeHost again its free reseller hosting powered by iFast net that means again they are doing same thing, agreed that MOFH is stable service provider for now but as I have explained that over 50 free hosting providers shifting that means in upcoming years they may become one more YouHosting.

Why should choose GoogieHost now ?

There are various reasons to choose our free hosting service which can be explained with these points

  • Own server
  • cPanel Free Hosting
  • 99.95% Server Uptime
  • Easy to upgrade on premium hosting
  • Cloud Linux (We are the first CL free hosting provider)
  • Ticket Support*
  • SSL Installation
  • Website Builder
  • SSD Boosted Drives

However we are now very strict against spam thats why we verify each free and even paid hosting account manually and do active account cleaning in every 60 days to provide stable free and paid hosting service to really needy web masters.

Currently we hosted over 35K free websites and over 1000 trusted paid hosting users and us got 8.5 ratings out of 10 by our premium clients + 7.3 rating by non premium clients. Which is enough to say that we do care about customers?

Upcoming features

GoogieHost decided to provide free* one time Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service to entire our premium hosting users on annual upgrade, this feature will be implemented in mid 2016.

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