5 worst things with GoDaddy to avoid them

5 worst things with GoDaddy to avoid them

Not happy with your web hosting service provider?

5 worst things with GoDaddy to avoid them

5 worst things with GoDaddy to avoid them

GoDaddy is one of the most popular domain registrar and web hosting provider and most of us choose them even after knowing their cons. We used their services like Web Hosting, Domains name, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and many other tools to test them but unfortunately, we didn’t find them worthy. Today we are listing top 5 issues with GoDaddy services which are enough to avoid them. However, it’s hard to find alternative domain registrar as they are providing services at affordable rates initially which adds up a lot during renewals.

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Overselling Products:

The major drawback with GoDaddy is that they try to sell unnecessary services even if you just want to buy a domain. Let me show you an example of that:

 Up Selling Other Domain Extensions

GoDaddy Upselling Domains

As you can see here they are trying to sell .net, .org and .info domain extension which is not required by most of us.

Additional Domain Add-on

Just after you skip domain extension offer GoDaddy will promote extra services with your domain name like:

  1. Privacy Protection (Free in most of the registrar including Googiehost)
  2. Website Builder / Web Hosting
  3. Email Services (Free at GoogieHost)

Domain Registration for the long term

When you proceed to cart they will ask you to add this domain name for 5 years. Even after you take the final decision they try to sell Search Engine Visibility tool which is a total waste of money. GoDaddy 5 years domain name

Low-quality web hosting:

We have availed their services for almost a year in reference to one of our local clients. Later on, we noticed that they have a lot of restrictions on I/O, Php execution, connection session etc. which leads to website speed getting curbed when it crosses 2000 visits per day. We were using Economy package so don’t have an idea about their advance packages.

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Stealing our Domains:

Yes, that’s true they steal your domain name if you have good numbers of traffic and unfortunately, you forget to renew your domain name they will not let that domain name deleted. They will steal it and put it in the auction which supposed to be deleted and free to register for anyone.

Billing issues:

We haven’t faced any billing issues with GoDaddy but there are thousands complaints on the internet against incorrect billing on saved card done by GoDaddy. You may refer this URL to see complaints list however, always keep in mind no one leaves feedback if they feel happy. Therefore, negative feedback can not focus on the real problems. Read godaddy billing complaints

Limited Support:

Godaddy provides call/e-mail and chat support in India. But their front end customer support hardly fixes your technical issues. If you are getting any technical issues with your hosting services they usually takes 4-5 hours fix that issue. Contact for Domains

User reviews

5 thoughts on “5 worst things with GoDaddy to avoid them”

  1. Rajesh Chauhan, I’ve been with Godaddy for over a year now and I’m yet to experience any issue with them: awesome service and excellent customer support.

  2. I have to absolutely agree. GoDaddy is slow and unreliable hosting, I moved to OVH and the site has been running quickly.
    Several free hosts are faster than GD shared hosting! And yes, they do try to sell you junk.


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