5 Things to look in a Web Hosting Service Provider

If you are busy in search of the best web hosting service provider in India, you are not alone. Everyone, ranging from a Blogger to a Small Entrepreneur is searching for the perfect service provider. Hiring a Web-Hoster is generally a one-time effort as it requires huge resources changing the hosting service provider because of transferring files and domains. That is why you must take a decision so that you could spend a lifetime with your reliable and performance-centric Web Hosting service provider.

These are the things that you should keep in mind while choosing Web Hosting service provider

1. Server Uptime Scores

Web Hosting Service Provider

A reliable Web Hosting Service Provider needs to be operative 24*7. You wouldn’t want a blank page when users search for your URL. The score of 5% and above is the uptime score that you should look for in a service provider. There are several server monitor tools which would inform you about the Uptime of the service provider. As no site can offer a 100% percent uptime, these tools would get you the closest to 100% Uptime.

2. Customer Service

Web Hosting Service Provider

The customer service of hoster plays a crucial role. The Site hoster must have a solid reputation in the field of customer service. The way executives deal with your questions, the time taken to resolve your issue, among other things must be taken into account. As Web industry is highly dynamic, Unexpected shutdowns, Email related queries, lower bandwidth et cetera are some of the issues where you might regularly require their help. Make sure you do proper research about a Web hosting service provider’s Customer service center before hiring them.

3. Price

Web Hosting Service Provider

It is always manifested by the market forces that higher price would guarantee you higher reliability and superior services. However this might not be true, you should go after a service provider which has kept competitive prices along with reasonable services. However, some features such as Solid State drive support, High-Frequency RAM support and Better architecture would only come with a higher price tag. A lower price may also mean shared hosting plans which mean if the same server gets hacked your website may be facing peril as well. Try to get features like SSL certificates, AdWords credit, CDN services your plans to get wholesome services.

4. Security

Web Hosting Service Provider

Security is an aspect which carries a large significance. An ideal Web Hosting service provider must provide daily backups, firewall support and proper authentication of the user. The user’s information and sensitive data shouldn’t be compromised in any case. More than 40% time it is the Hosting service provider’s vulnerability which compromises website’s security. Do a proper research on the security aspects of the Hosting Service provider.

5. Purpose and uses

Web Hosting Service Provider

At last, the nature of Website should be considered. It would help you in finding the best player according to your needs. A WordPress Web Host would be different from a specialized E-commerce Web Host, similarly, Business site host would be different from a Personal site host. Identify your purpose and choose accordingly.

Make sure you keep the above points in mind and research more before selecting the best Web-Hosting Service Provider.

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